How urban white-collar workers get out of the four misunderstandings of calcium supplementation

7 Jan

How urban white-collar workers get out of the four misunderstandings of calcium supplementation

How urban white-collar workers get out of the four misunderstandings of calcium supplementation

Myth one.

hzh{display:none;}  “是药三分毒”,我选择保健品补钙更安全。  Experts: Health care products have no adverse reactions ≠ no adverse reactions. Relative to medicines, health care products can only be used for health care, and the role of adjuvant therapy is not a true treatment.

At the same time, health care products generally do not indicate symptoms of adverse reactions, but it does not mean that there are no adverse reactions at all. When choosing calcium, it is safer to choose over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.

  Misunderstanding 25% of netizens believe that liquid calcium is more conducive to absorption.

  Expert: Calcium has high solubility ≠ fast absorption, the absorption rate of calcium varies from person to person.

If it is calcium carbonate, its absorption is first absorbed by stomach acid.

If gastric acid is normal, gastric motility is good, and calcium is quickly absorbed.

The good solubility of liquid calcium does not necessarily mean that it is quickly absorbed. It mainly depends on the content of vitamin D in calcium.

“The liquid calcium soft capsules on the market are mainly composed of calcium carbonate, vitamin D, gelatin, purified water, and glycerin.

Among them, vitamin D has a positive effect on calcium absorption, which can promote the absorption of calcium by the small intestinal mucosa and the reabsorption of calcium by the renal tubules.

Different forms of calcium are eventually absorbed in the form of calcium ions. The high solubility of calcium does not mean that it is quickly absorbed.

  Misunderstanding Calcium caused by three supplements is a common problem and cannot be avoided.

  Expert: Calcium supplementation is arranged between the two meals. The most reasonable calcium carbonate calcium agent passes through stomach acid to form calcium chloride and then reaches the intermediate.

15% of them are absorbed by the intermediates, and 85% are combined with oxalic acid, plant acids, fatty acids and other insoluble calcium compounds, such as calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate, which form constipation when accumulated.

People who are susceptible to calcium supplementation can drink plenty of water.

The time for calcium supplementation is best arranged between meals, at this time, the impact of food on it is small.

Proper exercise and increased gastrointestinal motility also effectively reduce constipation.

  Misunderstanding four more calcium while eating more vegetables, help calcium absorption.

  Experts: A large intake of cellulose can inhibit calcium absorption. The diet needs to be balanced, but if you are a member of the calcium supplement army, it should be noted that calcium and cellulose easily combine into non-absorbable compounds.

Excessive intake of phosphate cellulose can inhibit calcium absorption.

Milk and eggs are rich in protein and calcium. They are all calcium supplements.

However, if the two eat at the same time, it will hinder the absorption of calcium, and long-term consumption will induce milk base syndrome.

Liu Chunxia pointed out that when taking calcium, you should avoid eating too much greasy food, and a large intake of alcoholic and caffeine-containing beverages and heavy smoking will also inhibit calcium absorption.