A broken man must be naked

10 Jan

A broken man must be naked

A broken man must be naked

A knife and two women, the first day of men, fifteen men.

The dream lover in the fantasy can’t be a fact. The best result is of course to leave early. Be careful not to hurt your self-esteem too much.

Feelings are like a knot, and those that cannot be undone must be cut off.

“Scissors” will definitely bleed, but the faster and sharper the action, the lighter the injury.

If you let her operate on you first, then it is of course that you are injured!

How the absolute thing happened, of course, being a man is intolerable, the fighting spirit of the whole person is lost, and life is completely out of fun.

But time can soothe everything. After a few weeks, your wound must heal. Don’t lie down and die for a woman.

  After kicking off a broken relationship, negotiations are useless and can only prolong the pain.

If you still think she is perfect, please take a closer look at how perfect she is.

You list the unacceptable parts of her personality, and write down the reasons why you can live better without her.

Every time the mind is dizzy, look at her guilt again, don’t think it’s too mean, it’s only good.

Be firm and kick her out of your world!

  Is it true that everything is like losing love in a dream?

After the incident, whether it’s lonely, heartbroken, or sad, whatever you feel is good, but there is always someone to clean up the endgame.

Don’t think that losing love is a loss of face, even if it is really that you are no longer loved, why bother to think so?

It’s no big deal to fall in love, not to mention “faceless.”

You can’t be together again, of course, you should be separated, and you should be proud of your decision.

At the same time, you must firmly believe that the previous love was just a dream, and a broken love is a dream.

  No matter whether you are passionate or not, don’t seduce for desire.

Sometimes you have hallucinations, as if the nightmare is over and everything is fine again.

If she leaves, she has already shown her attitude with the facts and it is not worth your energy to change anything.

If you continue to associate, you are like sinking in mud feet and unable to extricate yourself.

Who doesn’t know that the deeper the relationship between lovers after a breakup, the worse the situation becomes?

When your consciousness is not firm, do you remember the scene where she turned away in your tears?

  The naked woman even broke up, and she also liked to put a thread, saying, “If we have a fate, we may be together again.

“Don’t be fooled. The so-called first-line vitality is simply a joke of the pig Bajie.

Although you may feel more relaxed, she is actually doing a cat and mouse game.

The subtext is, you poor man, do n’t refuse, sad, I may have something to ask for your help!

Admit immediately that your relationship is over.

A naked heart is always refreshing.

  Always fearless, you have to tell yourself the truth: people are often afraid, when you are after her, you are afraid of losing her; when you are getting her, you are afraid that she will not fall in love and empathy.

When the broken volcano erupts, you need to relax and relax mentally, so is the so-called courage.

A woman is so scared!

  From the first day after blindly falling in love, you must be sure to shut up.

Although kind friends surround you, telling her weaknesses will comfort you.

At this time, you must not talk about it, damage the reputation of the ex-girlfriend, or at least not force yourself to “never her”.

The compassion of everyone can only expand your wound, and most seriously, you will be the object of mercy.

This is fatal to your man’s image.It doesn’t make sense to pretend that you don’t care, but it is Shi Bijinjian to remain silent!

  Finally, once in a lifetime, if you still find it difficult to explain your self-esteem, then believe in fate!

  Two failures are not enough to prove what, maybe you will have an idea that this kind of thing always happens to your head.

Do n’t believe it, unless you meet the same type of person every time, you wo n’t be alone.

If you admit that luck has played an important role in this kind of thing, hold onto it and think about how many things you learned to fall before walking?