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26 Dec

If seen by others,I will be surprised!

only,Zang Yun has no complaints! The person he greets,But Doctor Fang and his father。 Both are very good people in Qingxin City,Fang Yu’s medical skills are unparalleled。Almost the only one in Qingxin City……father,Is the backbone of the Zang family。 “You’re welcome……The old man seems to have fully recovered!” Fang Yu slowly said。 “Yes!I told
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25 Dec

How to see,How to make people feel,These things,It is not simple。

And the awareness of the awareness,The more like this,Hui Fei is not polite here.。 “Other things,I do not care,I don’t want to deal with。” “but now,I don’t think there is something.,In fact, let’s everyone.,It is necessary to handle it.!” Xiong said,Other Tian Wu’s people,Fully watching。 Their hearts,Very clear。 But what Fan is so saying,Then
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24 Dec

Behind,Dreamte looks,There is a soft leg,But the hand pinching Liao Wenjie is more powerful.。

A few times,Just like it’s dark。 Liao Wenjie,Take the hand on the shoulder,Hussein:“So be it,If there is no other thing,Two pieces please return。” Hussein touched an invitation,Holding hands by his hand,Laugh:“Mr. Liao,A few days later, there was a charity shot from Hong Kong Island.,If you don’t have to give up,Please also attend,Hussein is not,Willing
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23 Dec
22 Dec

Blue Qiqi got up。

Han Yuxuan only came to see her back.。 Not far away ,Mu Wei looked at Blue Qiqi from Han Yuxuan’s office.,Early morning mood is very bad。 She advised her own breakfast into Han Yuxuan’s office.,See Han Yuxuan is having breakfast。 She is surprised,“Yuxuan,How do you eat a chicken egg roll?? I bring you steak
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21 Dec

Single genius in genius,Every step is conducted under all witnesses。

“also,After we deliver four people,This year, the Pasta College will prepare for the pole Wucai.,The top ten of Runshi……”Standland。 Not finished,Stop。 Su Ren’s face。 Not just him。 Six spiritual seizures,All looked up to the air。 “Hool”Almost at the same time,A very fierce pressure like the waves,Air-shaped。 Instantly put all the new and old people
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20 Dec

Summer voice came,“If you continue in Western,Out of this jungle,The number of blood magic will increase,The strength of the blood is very strong,Speed is also very fast……careful!”

Speech,Naturally cold drink。 call out!On the left side, a bloody is like a blood electrical.,I have to react。 The most edge of Yunyang Hawran is shocked,Under the whole instinct,The shape is turned out,At the same time。 “when”A crisp,Metal vibrato。 Blood shadow continues to brush forward,But Yunyang is more than a strong shock。 Not waiting
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19 Dec

“Big brother,Who is he?!”

The first step forward,Gloss,“Since he is very big,Background is very deep,But he is a person after all.,And it is an outroad,I can’t see where to turn.。” The rest of the people have also hope。 Anti-view Qian Peng Fu,It is looking to Qian Niu Niu.,Mild smile,“Niu Niu,Do you know his identity??” Bamboo。 Eyeliner,Also concentrated on Qian
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18 Dec

Di Lings,“One more,More power,More hope,You also know,The ancestors can’t enter the ninth floor,Have their realm,As long as you enter, you will cause spatial shock.,Accelerated seal loose。”

Toned,Also,“I can only hope that these Wu Wang disciples have,Life and death must be taken out,Used to reinforce seal。” It is rare to be lifted with the face of Tiangong’s face.,“Life and death can be mature,Today’s only nine hundred years,Moreover,Before ripe,Who knows what they like??” Merely,What did you think of,“Is it going to take it
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17 Dec

In the air, a set of Amstrong Purmas is seven hundred and twenty-twenty,Difficult factor is 9 o’clock,Attempt to get down the night。

But no ovate,Night is like a piece of energy glue,Dead sticker on the dragon,Pulling the village, the waist is starting crazy。 what?How did you say how the night is a dragon’s waist?。 Night, I don’t know.,Anyway, all kinds of harmful parts,Critical part,Night is naturally not let go。 In short, the flying dragon is morting.,The whole
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