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16 Dec


“Don’t surprise,correct,Clothes are bought,People also please,Will you!” “what?I also invited others.!” “Not a few。” “That、That is a few?” “Morax,Piano,Lisa,Traveler,Emergency food should be no other.——Bar?” “NS——Bar?What means!” “that is,Just I let Morax you can bring some people.……” “Francis!!!” …………………………………………………… After the ventilation of Wendi was exhausted,I didn’t continue to make trouble.。 He is still a
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15 Dec

Ninety degrees。

However。 He doesn’t understand what kind of person is summer is it.。 “never mind,I have already said that I have said it clearly.,Only once。” Say,Summer refers to Qinling,“Zhao,Remember what you said before,Willing to pay any price,And I am shot, but it is a transaction.。let’s go。” The last three words are said to Qinling。 Zhao Ban’s
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14 Dec

Group fight has started,Zhu Minglang also understands that if you let Bai Qi do it,Except for Nan Lingsha,It is estimated that no one can sustain a round under its attack。

And the black straw hat youth first died,As a result, the opponents around Zhu Minglang immediately recognized this person as a master,So immediately turned to other goals,So that Zhu Minglang stands in place,No one came to trouble him! “no way,You don’t move me,I’m going to touch you!”Zhu Minglang said,Has called out the Thunder Cang Tyrannosaurus
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13 Dec

One look is the configuration of the deluxe single room。What Xia Jian didn’t expect was,There are several delicate dishes on the coffee table in front of the bed,A red bottle seems to have been opened long ago。

“Don’t froze,Sit down!Don’t worry,I won’t eat you“Xie Xiaoya said,Walked http://www.dlmsmy.cnover slowly。Xia Jian suddenly felt a scent,It smells so good。Which perfume should be the most famous,But Xia Jian couldn’t remember its name for a while。 Xie Xiaoya gently pushed Xia Jian who was in a daze,Xia Jian has recovered since he came in,I took a look
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12 Dec

“It’s nothing,Just being alone with a beautiful woman like you,A bit unnatural”Speak truth after drinking,Xia Jian is still drunk,But he put his thoughts,I said it honestly。

He Yue laughed and said:“Don’t pretend to be Mr. Xia Hao,You are an extraordinary person。From the moment I walk in tonight,And your behavior,I’ll show you”When He Yue said this,,There is a blush on my face。 “Said I’m not ordinary,But I really don’t know”Xia Jian shook his head,A look of trouble。 The second bottle of liquor
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11 Dec


Ge Hong stepped forward,Joined the clan,The Qing Ming Sword in his hand suddenly shook,Even let out a clear moan,With this clear chant,The Qing Ming sword turned into a very beautiful light,Straightly slash towards the ancestor Qingyun! “what,It’s actually the law of nature! Patriarch Qingyun’s eyes lit up,Sighed:“what a pity,If you are not a corpse slave,Is
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10 Dec

Ice is still broken,A big ice pit appears。

In countless thunder surround,A huge body that is like the gods slowly emerged。 It covers this purple armor,Body is blue and white,As if it is composed of lightning。 A lot of lightning is constantly stirring on its body。 Ning’s eyes,He can see the helpless hemorrhage,And what is the help?,Also look at Ning。 “This is
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9 Dec
8 Dec

For these,Ye Xuan couldn’t help feeling very funny。

But when I saw this,At this moment,Ye Xuan itself,On the contrary, I didn’t think,What will this look bring。 slowly,Looking around。 at this time,Ye Xuan raised his eyebrows slightly,Subconsciously looking in front of you。 but,I followed Ye Xuan’s look。 Now,In front of Ye Xuan。 these people,Is here。 “Ye Xuan,I’m from the Ministry of Commerce,I think
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7 Dec

Such a scene,Immediately surrounded the eyes。

“Hey,Calculate your knowledge。”The dog’s legs pushed the summer again.,Let him not help him。 And the bald head is sitting opposite the woman,Smile,“Beauty,The monk is called the waves,Excuse me, what’s your name?” It’s good to die.,Summer that is pushed to stop,Tall back and smile,Snoring。 “Her is Yan Yuan,Buddy,You named Warmia,You are so waves,Will not be a
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