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13 Nov
12 Nov

“Inad……”Some people have collided with the snake knife,But some people respond slowly,Snake knife that is still broken, cuts the throat,Bleak。

“Everyone together!” “Laid。” “He is alone,a knife,I can’t stop us at all.,Just rush to him,He is finished.。” Summer face change,Stretch the hand。 咻,Snake knife back,He turned to the rear。 “did you see that!” “He is the same as a mold。” This is in the eyes of people.,I have attracted a cheer.,As if they play a
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11 Nov
10 Nov


“Wailing……Heap!Sputter!” This three feet go,Triangle eye screams,The whole person pour it on the ground。 His two eyes are highlighted,Face made of red,No one in the mouth‘Snuff’Breathe。 Man’s man,After seeing this scene,All in the body。 Lying down。 Three feet。 Three feet。 Nima,This has much pain,It’s just a broken feet.。 This little girl looks sweet and cute,I
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9 Nov

“Guests from Huaxia,Welcome to Xiayiwei。”

Youth also has the face of the oriental,A pair of glasses,It looks stinked,And said that it is very fluent,It is not humble。 More than 30 people,Nature is headed by white。 He actively opened the mouth,“Trouble this gentleman。” Say,His eyes flashes,Gather youth,“You are the island? Still?” Narrate。 Youth laughs,“I am of course Huaxia people,Oh,Forget the introduction,人
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8 Nov

The next scene that happened to make her snack。

Turn it back to not solve。 I even doubted myself.。 Is it not attractive?? As for her so much,Naturally, because Lin is in the moment, it has been sitting on the stool.。 Duan Hong tangled a night,I am asleep next day.。 When she opened his eyes,It’s already an afternoon.。 After the old high sun,Sitting hard。
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7 Nov
6 Nov

Destroyed power swept,It is like destroying the wind wave.,Extension around,Surrounding hills,Mountain vibration,Water on the sea fried,Great waves,The island is also a flying sand.。

Knife。 Sword。 However, the knife is condensed between the crude,The horrible moon is injects the nine zombies,Their eyebrows“swastika”The word is getting smashed。 Gathering the breath to Lin Feng’s breath more and more horrible。 Lin Feng’s 魔 魔 神 神 光 光,A knife,Changing,The horrible knife is directly smashed to Liu Sheng Sword。 This kind of knife
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5 Nov
4 Nov