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30 Sep

The next morning

Lin Yun prepares the materials,Ready to go to the Lin Group to negotiate with the board of directors,She was unwilling to let Lin Zhihao succeed,Actually,She has no other choice。 Besides, although Lin Zhihao and Lin Zhicheng are in power,,But after all, it’s not just the two of them who have the final say,She is going
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18 Sep

After returning to the health center, Mo Xiaosheng found paper and pen,Drew a picture of gossip,Then find the five talisman papers in the urn,Just throw it on the gossip chart,Five talisman papers suddenly ignited,Finally formed five fire spots,Falling on the gossip chart。

“Upstream?Zhao Wuye?” Mo Xiaosheng was slightly startled,Then there was a sneer at the corner of his mouth。 At this time, in a huge private room of Shangliuhui Health Club,Xuan Qingzi’s eyes are covered with a silk scarf,Reach out and hold on,Hehe smiled:“come,Babies,Don’t run,Don’t run,Let me kiss!” Several young and beautiful women in cheongsam around are
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3 Sep

Naturally, Guo Jianfeng and Han Qian talked about their worries softly。

“I just talked with Teacher Chen,Hey,Our family, Xiao Fei, did another thing that scared Teacher Chen today?” “what?what’s up?” “Half a lesson,The kid actually finished the Chinese textbook,Not that,At that time, he didn’t fall behind what Mr. Chen said!”A general explanation,Guo Jianfeng relayed what Chen Guo said to him again。 “This……” “I think I have
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25 Aug

“Mr. Mo,I,I don’t know Taishan,Please don’t be like me,I’m wrong,I got it wrong,I sincerely come to pray for your forgiveness,As long as you forgive me,Let me do anything!”

Qiu Zaizhong’s voice choked,I keep kowtow when I speak,I want to get forgiveness from Mo Xiaosheng,After all, the lives of him and his family are tied to Mo Xiaosheng.。 “OK,President Qiu,Don’t knock,I forgive you,You go!” Mo Xiaosheng saw so many patients watching,Some eagerly want to send him away,Say again,There is nothing unforgivable,Anyway, I already taught
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18 Aug

And only some old directors,So I chose to take it seriously and spend a few months filming,The new generation of directors,All hope in a hurry,Finish early and make the next movie。

For example, Mr. Hao He,Filming the year before last《Hate forever》when,Just prepare for half a year,Then it took another six months to shoot。 Ye Xiaoyu,I stayed with Old Man Hao for half a year。 Director Hao He,Otherwise, there are not many directors,Can free up the queen for more than half a year to prepare。 Even Zhu
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6 Jul

Eyes closed,I saw a few words carved on a stone in a pool,Xia Chenglong smiled,Really smart guy,I can think of this way。

Subsequently,A figure quickly passed by the treetops,Take nothing。 What Xia Chenglong didn’t know was,His time is different from outside time,Although I feel that I stayed very short,But under normal circumstances three or four days have passed。 Mengdie and Zhao Shaojiu waited for three days,There is still no shadow of Xia Chenglong,They can’t wait forever,So decided
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25 Jun

“Husband!Such a coincidence!Met you again!”

The girl saw Qin Liang,Yelled immediately。 Qin Liangyikan,It turned out to be Zhao Lu! He can’t care about Xiao Huahan,Immediately stepped forward and pushed Zhao Lu back into the elevator,She put her hand over her mouth with a nervous face and said;“Don’t bark!” Xiao Huahan followed behind and walked into the elevator,Reached out and pressed
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15 Jun

“Because I can’t tell if your old remarks are criticism or encouragement?”

“Never expect to find any encouragement in me。”Wang Jiadong raised his eyebrows and said。 Peng Changyi whispered:“Humph,Never expected。” “Have you been immersed in the celebration of the bomb crown these days??”Wang Jiadong sit down,Smoke a cigarette,Peng Changyi quickly ordered him。Said: “You told me specifically,Where can I dare?Even Qing,I also did it with others。” “Ok,Be a
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4 Jun
28 May

Yanzi just wanted to attack Qin Liang,I remembered that I confessed myself to be his woman,So I had to swallow the words back,As the most famous killer,She is really embarrassed to play,Because anyway,I really said that sentence myself。

“You are not what you are?What do you want to say?” Qin Liang asked with a smirk,Then he moved his body to Yanzi’s side。 “Stay away from me,Don’t come near me anymore!” Swallow curled up immediately,Then he warned Qin Liang with a sullen face。 “Why are you so fierce??I turned my face and didn’t recognize
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