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19 Dec

“Big brother,Who is he?!”

The first step forward,Gloss,“Since he is very big,Background is very deep,But he is a person after all.,And it is an outroad,I can’t see where to turn.。” The rest of the people have also hope。 Anti-view Qian Peng Fu,It is looking to Qian Niu Niu.,Mild smile,“Niu Niu,Do you know his identity??” Bamboo。 Eyeliner,Also concentrated on Qian
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6 Dec
21 Nov

Lu Yiqi said,Watch the expression on Yue Lingxi,really,See Yue Lingxi blush,Low head smiles don’t talk。

Lu Wei also worried about this problem,He said that day,They have not made protective measures twice together.,He is afraid that she is pregnant,I want to get married early.,At that time, she deliberately ignored the meaning of this.,Nothing。 I will put it from Lu Yixi now.,She is in some expectations。 No protective measures today,And these two
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16 Nov
29 Oct

Then I got my own physical condition again.,Small short hand plus small short legs

It seems that I haven’t ran away from other foreign worlds.。 But this is not the same as saying.,Finish“Plane task”Later,I should not return it.“A boxing world”NS? But what is the ghost now??It’s going to die.。 Night, try to find the system requirements explanation,But the other party is cold,Ren night, so much,Always keep it“All interpretation
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5 Oct

Until this time,Xiang You just woke up,Wide-eyed,Rubbed his eyes first,Then I looked at the screen again,Looking at the three teammates not far away,Only now did he focus his attention on the person whose name seems to be Big Brother Huang Lei。

That’s how his two teammates shouted at the time,He doesn’t know the specifics,One thing is certain,This person named Huang Lei is really skilled。 He locks Chen Jie,But at the same time I cleaned up during the lockup6An enemy who tried to get close to Chen Jie。 One of them is a human machine,Remaining5Everyone is truly
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27 Sep

Su Mo is more direct。

He excitedly called Shen Huan,Xiang Shen Huan bought the right to sing this song at the next concert。 Originally, Shen Huan said no money,But Su Mo said this is the rule,If it’s a friend,It’s not clear about money,It hurts the friendship。 But he knows that Shen Huan is not a greedy person,and so10Ten thousand yuan
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23 Sep
7 Sep

To this,Ye Wenwen can only express understanding。

——if not?What else can she do? This time the discussion was not successful。 I don’t know if it’s because Liu Qing thinks Ye Wenwen is in the group,Speaking is not very convenient,Or want to please the boss,He is not satisfied with those two female stars,Feel unsuitable for groupcp。 Chi Jiao is the star who stands
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28 Aug