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5 Oct

Until this time,Xiang You just woke up,Wide-eyed,Rubbed his eyes first,Then I looked at the screen again,Looking at the three teammates not far away,Only now did he focus his attention on the person whose name seems to be Big Brother Huang Lei。

That’s how his two teammates shouted at the time,He doesn’t know the specifics,One thing is certain,This person named Huang Lei is really skilled。 He locks Chen Jie,But at the same time I cleaned up during the lockup6An enemy who tried to get close to Chen Jie。 One of them is a human machine,Remaining5Everyone is truly
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27 Sep

Su Mo is more direct。

He excitedly called Shen Huan,Xiang Shen Huan bought the right to sing this song at the next concert。 Originally, Shen Huan said no money,But Su Mo said this is the rule,If it’s a friend,It’s not clear about money,It hurts the friendship。 But he knows that Shen Huan is not a greedy person,and so10Ten thousand yuan
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23 Sep
7 Sep

To this,Ye Wenwen can only express understanding。

——if not?What else can she do? This time the discussion was not successful。 I don’t know if it’s because Liu Qing thinks Ye Wenwen is in the group,Speaking is not very convenient,Or want to please the boss,He is not satisfied with those two female stars,Feel unsuitable for groupcp。 Chi Jiao is the star who stands
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28 Aug
17 Aug

Actually, if you want to make a TV series,You don’t need Zheng Rongrong to talk about using money to hit people,With his Zhou Pu brand,Not to mention the superstars and xiaosheng of TV series,Even a star in the movie industry,He can also invite。

But Zhou Pu’s thoughts,Thought for a long time,I still feel that I can’t fall into the stereotype this time,Be sure to choose the best,Instead of choosing among a few similar actors。 First first,The young Di Renjie cannot be too old,18Years old20Best for years,You can even look younger。 why? This is the experience。 Ancient Shonen Lang,Usually
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5 Jul

“Sister-in-law,It looks like you are not in a good mood today?”

Liu Rushi enters the store,Liu Xiaoyun greeted her warmly。 “Don’t call me that?I’m not your sister-in-law。” Liu Rushi answered her coldly。 “it does not matter,Although not now,Sooner or later,rest assured,You can’t run away,You must enter this bridal chamber。” Liu Xiaoyun is still full of spring breeze,Innocent and cute。 I heard Liu Xiaoyun say that,Liu Rushi
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21 Jun
13 Jun

This time,They both brought too much torture to each other,This torture,Is a torture,Even devastating,But they seem to be an inseparable pair,But sometimes she feels like that in her heart,So barren that I just want a child to enrich myself……

in fact,She feels guilty for her performance yesterday,Maybe,people,I’m afraid I’m bad,Heartbroken,Not at ease,Heartbroken,There is no confidence,But she didn’t want to express her guilt to Jiang Fan,because,she knows,Her guilt,Caused by Jiang Fan,and so,She gritted her teeth,Bring the door,Keep the room card,Walked into the elevator,Came to the restaurant。 She picked up a plate,With a little side dish,Took
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9 Jun

Xia Chenglong shouted,Countless fragments began to converge towards Zanglong’s hilt,In the next moment,A brand new Zanglong appeared in his hands!

The sword at this time is still a rust sword,The main body is deeply black,The only difference is that there are broken lines in those black areas,The lines are full of purple,Attract the seemingly broken swords together! Break up,Unstoppable Dragon,The world can go,His Zanglong is back! Xia Chenglong looked at each other again,It is clear,Zanglong
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