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12 Dec

“It’s nothing,Just being alone with a beautiful woman like you,A bit unnatural”Speak truth after drinking,Xia Jian is still drunk,But he put his thoughts,I said it honestly。

He Yue laughed and said:“Don’t pretend to be Mr. Xia Hao,You are an extraordinary person。From the moment I walk in tonight,And your behavior,I’ll show you”When He Yue said this,,There is a blush on my face。 “Said I’m not ordinary,But I really don’t know”Xia Jian shook his head,A look of trouble。 The second bottle of liquor
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9 Dec
27 Nov

Niu Niu held a circle carefully.,I found that some fur was burnt.,Let’s completely let go。

The fire is burning from the yard.,Apandoffs,Niu Niu is the most worried about this dog.,I don’t know how it escapes. Niu Niu touched the dog’s head,Silence,Two drops of water in the palm。 Fang Cai seems to be very interested,Rapidao stretched out the tongue and licked a s dry。After completion,I still feel insufficient,Two girls from
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12 Nov

“Inad……”Some people have collided with the snake knife,But some people respond slowly,Snake knife that is still broken, cuts the throat,Bleak。

“Everyone together!” “Laid。” “He is alone,a knife,I can’t stop us at all.,Just rush to him,He is finished.。” Summer face change,Stretch the hand。 咻,Snake knife back,He turned to the rear。 “did you see that!” “He is the same as a mold。” This is in the eyes of people.,I have attracted a cheer.,As if they play a
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3 Nov

Jiang Han deeply breathed a breath,Put the wine glass in the mouth,Summer sitting opposite,Flashing in the scorpion。

In fact,Until now,Her inner is always upset。 Previous time,She guessing summer is a master,Can still I still think,It turned out to be strong。 The whole Southeast Asia is absolutely calculated in the top ten underground boxing.,But there is no power in front of the other side.,Killed by life。 Especially the instant of the fist collision,The
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3 Oct

“Maybe it’s just that we accidentally went the wrong way?”Geng Zhiming tried his best to comfort himself,“Maybe the driver was hit and run……”

“Leave it alone,Go to fight120。”Geng Feng’s forehead was covered with fine sweat beads,“Where did the phone go?” “Should still be in the car,I’ll try and find it!”Geng Zhiming hurried back into the car。 “and many more,I’m with you!This place is a bit weird,It’s better not to be more than two meters away from each other!”Geng
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22 Sep

Drink all the medicine,Didn’t you leave for nothing?!

“Deputy Dong Lin,You are a bit too shameless。” Lin Yun said badly:“Mr. Peng,You scolded my husband when you came up,Forget it if you apologize,Now tell me that today is not here to talk about cooperation,I don’t think it’s necessary to eat this meal.。” Qin Shi looked at Lin Yun,This silly girl,And know how to protect
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11 Sep

“And today I have this king to execute it,Blood Dragon Hearing Order!”At this moment, the blood dragon seemed to be a man lying tightly on the ground。

“Minions take orders!” “The blood dragon violated the heaven and god realm to go down privately,This king personally executed the law to kill the blood dragon today,If anyone dares to block him, he will kill him,The blood dragon clan will contribute a million spirit grass,Two fairy tools!With this dragon, all three generations were sent to
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31 Aug


A picture of himself and Gu Qiao lying in the snow, facing each other, appeared in Lu Ban’s mind。 Ok,The effect is ok。 Liu Xin didn’t keep asking,But turned back to the kitchen:“Dishes will be ready soon,You can start dinner later。” The moment the kitchen door opens,There is a tangy fragrance。 Ban Lu touched his
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15 Aug

Another big defeat.

On the way back,Everyone is downcast,No one wants to talk or discuss something related to the game。 The atmosphere is a bit dull,Xu Xuan lowered his head as if thinking about things,Actually silenced my mind into my mind- Xu Xuan:male age:19 score:380(440,temporary!) Have talent: Stephen·Curry’s three points——silver(Advanced) Allen·Iverson’s breakthrough——silver(Advanced) Russell·Westbrook’s body——silver(Advanced) Jason·Williams pass——silver(Advanced) and so.Until
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