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6 Oct

Multiplayer platter concert,It’s so convenient。

only,Shen Huan also composed a song specially for this concert,As the beginning and ending,It’s a very novel initiative。 To put it another way,《friend》This song,First official appearance,Can encompass more than80%Superstar talent singers,That’s its blessing! ———— First972chapter Get together(Three shifts) Finished rehearsal,After discussing other matters,Shen Huan left。 He Tang Yuan、Su Mo、Fei Qingyang three together。 Today’s rehearsal,The whole
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28 Sep

I smiled:“As long as sister speaks,I will try my best。”

“it is good!”They both said in unison,Wang Fangkun overjoyed,Unexpectedly, I agreed so readily,He was upset,How can you be so upright before that?Although I don’t know how strong I am,But my explosive power,Lightning speed can’t be fake,Can’t be a forward,When a defender, which forward dare to say that he can easily break through me。 Wang Fangkundao:“Three
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21 Sep

“Can this senior listen to me?”

At this moment,Zhao Ming stood up,Slowly。 Suddenly,All eyes were attracted by Zhao Ming。 Chaotianxiang only noticed Zhao Ming,Seeing him facing his own strong soul emperor, he didn’t panic at all,Nodding secretly。Simultaneously,I also noticed the students from Zao Wou-ki,Seeing them all extremely young,But the talent is so scary,Can’t help being surprised。 The talents of these people,No
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8 Sep

“Ding Dong!”

“The weak host uses a poor guitar accompaniment,Sang out even60Can’t beat《Straw Hat Song》,But because it’s close to Zhang Hailun’s mood,So barely completed the task。” “The great system specially rewards the weak host for the script and watching backtracking of a movie,I hope the host can make persistent efforts,Try to improve yourself,Don’t shame the gift of
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27 Aug

“Quite wary kid?,It’s a pity you were born in the wrong time,If I can grow up smoothly in my time,You will become a great ninja。”Not only didn’t feel annoyed by Mouseu’s questioning,On the contrary, he is praising the mouse,“Some interesting things have appeared on the border of Fire Country,I went to investigate,Your mission should be the same as mine, right,But why I heard that Konoha Village has sent a group of ninjas to investigate,Could it be that.Did something happen to those ninjas in Konoha??”

Investigation Intelligence,Reasoning Intelligence,Is something most ninjas should master。 No answer from Mouse,But to ask:“The investigation of this kind of thing should be done by the ninjas in Wuyin Village, right??” “Hum,sometimes,It’s better not to be so curiosity,Young Konoha Ninja。” The moment the green voice fell,Three gouyu jade writing wheels appeared in the eyes of the
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19 Aug
1 Jul

Murong Shan is speechless!What Qin Liang said,Shen Ruoxi just told her a few minutes ago!You really deserve to be a couple,Even the words are exactly the same,This tacit agreement is true.。

“say something,Why don’t you talk?Are you speechless??” Seeing that Murongshan hasn’t moved,Qin Liang got up again,Can’t be scolded by her for nothing,I have to get some face back。 “Too lazy to care about you,Anyway, I have finished talking to you,remember;Don’t joke with Ruoxi about having a daughter in the future,If you really care about her,If
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17 Jun

Guan Hao took the pen from Liu Tao,Thought for a while,One hand upside down,Pen in one hand,The nib points straight to the rice paper。

People found,Guan Hao’s holding pen is very casual and unrestrained,It’s not like holding a fountain pen against a tiger’s mouth,It’s not as good as holding a brush,It’s not like holding your breath when Yue Xiao writes calligraphy、Concentrate,But at ease。The top of the pen is in your palm,Three finger holding pen,Cantilever,Immediately,vigorous、The elegant pen characters cascade out
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1 Jun

In a word;She was completely defeated by this little witch。

The guests began to come in,Liu Xiaoyun is like a butterfly wearing flowers,Courteous and courteous service at each table,Just a sentence from time to time;sister in law,How are you…… Liu Rushi completely turned into a dumb,She just works silently,Dare not look at Qin Liang,Don’t even dare to look at Liu Xiaoyun。 Approaching evening,A thin middle-aged
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23 May

Heard this,Peng Changyi’s blood boiled immediately,He gasped and said:“baby,I miss you too……”

Shu Qing’s heart jumped violently,For so long,This is his most explicit sentence,She felt her face fever,Said shyly:“Ok,Hung up……” Peng Changyi is reluctant to just hang up like this,He still has some ideas,Hold the phone blankly,do not know what to do。 Don’t know,Shu Qing is also waiting for him,See him not hang up,Just said again:“Hang up?”
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