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24 Dec

Behind,Dreamte looks,There is a soft leg,But the hand pinching Liao Wenjie is more powerful.。

A few times,Just like it’s dark。 Liao Wenjie,Take the hand on the shoulder,Hussein:“So be it,If there is no other thing,Two pieces please return。” Hussein touched an invitation,Holding hands by his hand,Laugh:“Mr. Liao,A few days later, there was a charity shot from Hong Kong Island.,If you don’t have to give up,Please also attend,Hussein is not,Willing
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20 Dec

Summer voice came,“If you continue in Western,Out of this jungle,The number of blood magic will increase,The strength of the blood is very strong,Speed is also very fast……careful!”

Speech,Naturally cold drink。 call out!On the left side, a bloody is like a blood electrical.,I have to react。 The most edge of Yunyang Hawran is shocked,Under the whole instinct,The shape is turned out,At the same time。 “when”A crisp,Metal vibrato。 Blood shadow continues to brush forward,But Yunyang is more than a strong shock。 Not waiting
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10 Dec

Ice is still broken,A big ice pit appears。

In countless thunder surround,A huge body that is like the gods slowly emerged。 It covers this purple armor,Body is blue and white,As if it is composed of lightning。 A lot of lightning is constantly stirring on its body。 Ning’s eyes,He can see the helpless hemorrhage,And what is the help?,Also look at Ning。 “This is
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29 Nov

“He is fine.,We speed up point speed。”

The man in purple hair is also discovered that Li Hui’s state is not good.,Directly direct the other two people to launch a strike。 But Li Hui is waiting for this moment.。 Originally he didn’t want to use that,After all, the trick has violated him.。 The weak protective cover is also charged again.,And constantly
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13 Nov
1 Nov

But this attitude and atmosphere,Let him be satisfied。

Not reasonable,Positive color,team leader,Everything listens to you。 Ha ha,good。 Hao Yan suddenly laughed,Just that the pair of hooks,Smile,More evil。 Wang Wei,I also heard about your assessment.,good,Very nice,correct,How much is you now?? About six crystals。 I have measured once.,Only five crystals。 That time just awake dreams。 And today is the real yuan,And the heart of
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6 Oct

Multiplayer platter concert,It’s so convenient。

only,Shen Huan also composed a song specially for this concert,As the beginning and ending,It’s a very novel initiative。 To put it another way,《friend》This song,First official appearance,Can encompass more than80%Superstar talent singers,That’s its blessing! ———— First972chapter Get together(Three shifts) Finished rehearsal,After discussing other matters,Shen Huan left。 He Tang Yuan、Su Mo、Fei Qingyang three together。 Today’s rehearsal,The whole
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28 Sep

I smiled:“As long as sister speaks,I will try my best。”

“it is good!”They both said in unison,Wang Fangkun overjoyed,Unexpectedly, I agreed so readily,He was upset,How can you be so upright before that?Although I don’t know how strong I am,But my explosive power,Lightning speed can’t be fake,Can’t be a forward,When a defender, which forward dare to say that he can easily break through me。 Wang Fangkundao:“Three
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21 Sep

“Can this senior listen to me?”

At this moment,Zhao Ming stood up,Slowly。 Suddenly,All eyes were attracted by Zhao Ming。 Chaotianxiang only noticed Zhao Ming,Seeing him facing his own strong soul emperor, he didn’t panic at all,Nodding secretly。Simultaneously,I also noticed the students from Zao Wou-ki,Seeing them all extremely young,But the talent is so scary,Can’t help being surprised。 The talents of these people,No
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8 Sep

“Ding Dong!”

“The weak host uses a poor guitar accompaniment,Sang out even60Can’t beat《Straw Hat Song》,But because it’s close to Zhang Hailun’s mood,So barely completed the task。” “The great system specially rewards the weak host for the script and watching backtracking of a movie,I hope the host can make persistent efforts,Try to improve yourself,Don’t shame the gift of
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