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25 Sep
19 Sep

“So what,Brother Leng,I thought about it,I think it’s best to look at the corpse……Easy to confirm……”

Lori Kuan endured the stomach discomfort,Brother Chong Leng said。 “Oh shit!” Brother Leng on the other end of the phone scolded.,Shen Sheng,“The body is there,You saw it when you came out!okay,Stop fucking nonsense,Come out quickly for Lao Tzu!” “what?corpse……You brought the corpse?!” Lowry’s heart trembled,His complexion couldn’t help being slightly pale,This is really beyond his
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10 Sep
1 Sep

“Thank you。”

Lu Ban speechless:“We are in love now,Don’t be so polite?” “Oh。” Gu Qiao reacted now。 “correct,Can you……Don’t be like this with other female stars on Weibo……” She was talking about Lu Ban’s reply to Liu Xin’s Weibo。 When she saw Weibo,I feel sour in my heart。 “Row,I promise you。” Ban Lu readily agreed,Then said:“Then you
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20 Aug

“I think so,Ridiculous those brainsxJuvenile.Female,It’s as rare as a baby!”

“……” Their unprovoked mockery,Of course it angered a group of young people。 Young people are most impulsive,And they have time to participate now,So it burst immediately。 “go to hell!what《Return》?Only the old man likes to listen!” “Don’t like it,Did we beg you to listen?” “The Returning Band sang like shit,We young people don’t like it!” “Are
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26 Jun

Ding Yi said:“I have seen his tea set,Very average,This set can let him grow up slowly,Since you talked about tea,Send him a bag by the way。”

Jiang Fan said deliberately:“Ugh,Prodigal Wife——” Ding Yi listened happily“Haha”laughing out loud。 After putting out everything,What did Ding Yi suddenly think of,Dong dong ran upstairs,Took down a folding fan,Said:“Almost forgot this。” Jiang Fan said:“Folding fan?” “Yes,Is a gift from me。” A few days ago,Ding Naixiang ordered part of the fan,Ding Yi cooperated with dad,Co-creating these fans,As
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10 Jun
8 Jun
19 May

Qin Liang suddenly turned his face and asked Yanzi quietly。

“Not afraid。” Swallow’s expressionless answer,There is no emotional change on the face。 “Ha ha,Still my big apprentice。” Qin Liang answered non-committal,Then turn back and pause,I stretched out a hand and slowly uncovered the white cloth……On the road just now,He and Yanzi have put their gloves on。 Finally saw the two bodies!But the corpse seen,But it’s
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18 May

“Ha ha,indeed so,Farm child,Only by learning can we change our destiny,Not like you,Was born with a golden key。”

Shu Qing is embarrassed,Said:“I didn’t hide from you how I was born,I was lucky later,Met my adoptive parents,All right,Let’s not talk about birth issues。Peng Changyi。”Shu Qing called him。 “To!” Shu Qing was startled,I realized that I called him by his first name,This is normal if you are in a party school,But in private,Especially after coming
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