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22 Dec

Blue Qiqi got up。

Han Yuxuan only came to see her back.。 Not far away ,Mu Wei looked at Blue Qiqi from Han Yuxuan’s office.,Early morning mood is very bad。 She advised her own breakfast into Han Yuxuan’s office.,See Han Yuxuan is having breakfast。 She is surprised,“Yuxuan,How do you eat a chicken egg roll?? I bring you steak
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14 Dec

Group fight has started,Zhu Minglang also understands that if you let Bai Qi do it,Except for Nan Lingsha,It is estimated that no one can sustain a round under its attack。

And the black straw hat youth first died,As a result, the opponents around Zhu Minglang immediately recognized this person as a master,So immediately turned to other goals,So that Zhu Minglang stands in place,No one came to trouble him! “no way,You don’t move me,I’m going to touch you!”Zhu Minglang said,Has called out the Thunder Cang Tyrannosaurus
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2 Dec

Twelfth lunar month,It’s coming to Xiaonian right away。Pingyang Town was rated as an advanced unit in the city,Chen Jiang also awarded Xia Jian a certificate of advanced individual,Set Pingyang Town as the city’s standard again,Become a model for the whole city to learn from。

Xia Jian later learned from others,Sun Yao’s father was arrested due to financial problems,Sun Yao and the fucking problem are involved,It’s like all the family went in。As the secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Li Lan,Due to insufficient supervision,Was also affected by this incident。 As for the impact,Xia Jian didn’t know either,He didn’t dare
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28 Nov

Just the small tree is only the size of the palm,And where you are, there are more than two meters.。

One more thing,That small tree nine branches,Only nine leaves,And this small tree is branched。 In addition to these two points,Both almost exactly。 One plant is another zoom。 also,This tree is still sitting on a black man。 He is slightly closed,Like a statue,Under the nine-color brilliance,If you are dusty,And floating。 If you don’t use your eyes
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9 Nov

“Guests from Huaxia,Welcome to Xiayiwei。”

Youth also has the face of the oriental,A pair of glasses,It looks stinked,And said that it is very fluent,It is not humble。 More than 30 people,Nature is headed by white。 He actively opened the mouth,“Trouble this gentleman。” Say,His eyes flashes,Gather youth,“You are the island? Still?” Narrate。 Youth laughs,“I am of course Huaxia people,Oh,Forget the introduction,人
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4 Nov
25 Sep
19 Sep

“So what,Brother Leng,I thought about it,I think it’s best to look at the corpse……Easy to confirm……”

Lori Kuan endured the stomach discomfort,Brother Chong Leng said。 “Oh shit!” Brother Leng on the other end of the phone scolded.,Shen Sheng,“The body is there,You saw it when you came out!okay,Stop fucking nonsense,Come out quickly for Lao Tzu!” “what?corpse……You brought the corpse?!” Lowry’s heart trembled,His complexion couldn’t help being slightly pale,This is really beyond his
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10 Sep
1 Sep

“Thank you。”

Lu Ban speechless:“We are in love now,Don’t be so polite?” “Oh。” Gu Qiao reacted now。 “correct,Can you……Don’t be like this with other female stars on Weibo……” She was talking about Lu Ban’s reply to Liu Xin’s Weibo。 When she saw Weibo,I feel sour in my heart。 “Row,I promise you。” Ban Lu readily agreed,Then said:“Then you
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