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11 Dec


Ge Hong stepped forward,Joined the clan,The Qing Ming Sword in his hand suddenly shook,Even let out a clear moan,With this clear chant,The Qing Ming sword turned into a very beautiful light,Straightly slash towards the ancestor Qingyun! “what,It’s actually the law of nature! Patriarch Qingyun’s eyes lit up,Sighed:“what a pity,If you are not a corpse slave,Is
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4 Dec

for a long time。

Qin Tang deep breathing a breath,The look on the old face is a bit complex,Ambient,“No omen,Just the heartbeat exceeds the common sense,Medical equipment can not be found。” Narrate。 Summer picking your eyebrows,Ask,“Is his eyes are full of blood?。” Finished a complement,“Very many blood,It looks a little terrible。” I heard this sentence,Qin Tang pupil,“Yes!There is a
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23 Nov

Xia Jian still can’t figure it out,About his return to Beishan,Nobody knows,Is this Wang Wujin fortune-telling??He asked Fang Fang again:“Are you sure it’s the same car?“

“This car is special,The front bumper was crashed,And no listing“Fang Fang speaks more clearly,Xia Jian heard this,Can’t help but be surprised。 Could it be her?Xia Jian started to beat the drums in his heart,If so,What’s the trouble,This is how to do?Xia Jian looked worried。 Fang Fang saw Xia Jian like this,Can’t help asking:“Did you remember
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8 Nov

The next scene that happened to make her snack。

Turn it back to not solve。 I even doubted myself.。 Is it not attractive?? As for her so much,Naturally, because Lin is in the moment, it has been sitting on the stool.。 Duan Hong tangled a night,I am asleep next day.。 When she opened his eyes,It’s already an afternoon.。 After the old high sun,Sitting hard。
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7 Nov
24 Sep

Chat first,Xu Xuan went to do his own training,It’s not easy to be a coach,especiallyNBAThe coach of this best basketball league,of course,The salary of teaching assistants is not low,Especially little wharton,Xu Xuan heard that Wharton’s salary was a little lower than Frank,Low and low。

This is when talents come to train。 Say it too,The Lakers’ head coach was actually Walton Jr.,Just got involved by Frank a third party。 Time goes by,Personal training、Team training、Team match、Preseason games…… Find the problem,Find a way to solve the problem,Change your mind if you can’t solve it,If it doesn’t work, just ignore it,Strengthen advantages、Avoid weakness。
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13 Sep

“at last,Finally enough for my family and my brothers to eat。”Iverson can’t help feeling full of emotions,When he grew up on the street, he grew up in drug dealing and gun battles as a child。Mother works alone to make ends meet,But Iverson’s home environment is still very poor,no power,No water,Nothing,The sewer pipe often breaks,The two sisters wear overshoes all day。

Brothers on the street help each other,Accompanying each other to help Iverson grow up。Street conflicts,The prison,Let him know that only his brother can be counted on。 It is in this environment,Created Iverson。 1Meter83’S height,The sky can’t limit his flight。Countless times he crossed the crowd to make up for it,Countless times he has raided solo,His sharp
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6 Sep

“Kobe took this game21Minute,Plus7Assists,But I feel he didn’t fully play,And compared to last season,He hasn’t fallen in condition at all,It really is every morning4The man who met with Los Angeles at o’clock!”——Reggie Miller。

“Iverson’s performance in the game was amazing!His effective breakthrough reached23Times,Plus17Points score,with55Valid pass!Such a state,Such ability,You can see him41Years old?Do not!He just31Only years old!”——Van Gundy。 “I thought the Rockets were wasting the last few years of Howard’s best time,Now you know that I was right?Look at the cooperation between Howard and Shen Huan,Do you believe they
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24 Aug

“I grew up so,This is the first time I met such a handsome teacher,No matter what he teaches,His class,I will come every section from now on。”

A group of girls are excited,Because they are either old scholars or greasy uncles.,Rigid teaching method,Make the already boring Chinese medicine even more lifeless,Naturally they can’t learn。 Now the appearance of Mo Xiaosheng,It’s like a green grass suddenly grows on the dim ground,Uplift them。 “No hair on mouth,Insecure,It’s right to put it on Chinese medicine。”
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16 Aug

Changlijian’s old face is happy,Looked at Li Chenfeng and asked:“Owner,These few months,With the cooperation of the sword guard,We not only took over the previously lost territory,Also expanded a lot,Now Lianfeng alone has hundreds of branches。

And because of this conflict with the Tianxiahui,We worship sword villa has always had the upper hand,Many martial arts in the Central Plains will have enemies with the world,Or the martial arts forces that are unwilling to be annexed by the world have turned to,Now the power in our hands has not only been weakened
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