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18 Dec

Di Lings,“One more,More power,More hope,You also know,The ancestors can’t enter the ninth floor,Have their realm,As long as you enter, you will cause spatial shock.,Accelerated seal loose。”

Toned,Also,“I can only hope that these Wu Wang disciples have,Life and death must be taken out,Used to reinforce seal。” It is rare to be lifted with the face of Tiangong’s face.,“Life and death can be mature,Today’s only nine hundred years,Moreover,Before ripe,Who knows what they like??” Merely,What did you think of,“Is it going to take it
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8 Dec

For these,Ye Xuan couldn’t help feeling very funny。

But when I saw this,At this moment,Ye Xuan itself,On the contrary, I didn’t think,What will this look bring。 slowly,Looking around。 at this time,Ye Xuan raised his eyebrows slightly,Subconsciously looking in front of you。 but,I followed Ye Xuan’s look。 Now,In front of Ye Xuan。 these people,Is here。 “Ye Xuan,I’m from the Ministry of Commerce,I think
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26 Nov


Happiness? Shen Xuan, a fog! NS167Chapter Painting Dragon “boom” Just when Shen Xuan is confused,The body of the caterpillar is suddenly changed.,Then a blast sound sounded,The surrounding horse has a foggy,Flood to in the cave。 what’s going on? Shen Xuan is stupid,A golden light、The thick body suddenly appeared in the cloud。 “God?” Shen Xuan’s eyes,unbelievable,Because,In
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18 Nov

Several times,I don’t know if it is an illusion.,He always feel Xu Bo to see his eyes.。

Is this person associated with the abyss?? Summer can’t be meditated。 “Summer,I still have one thing.。” After the dust is finished,Some bureaus between tone。 “What’s up?” “Xiao Xin Yu,It is the industry that belongs to him.,I have already found a way to acquire it.,I will hold a banquet this evening.,Summer can not……” Um? Summer look,“You
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30 Oct

“in fact,Now we take the initiative。”

“We can’t be as reckless as the Zhang family。” Li Kangjie finished,Others nodded again and again。 It seems to say so。 but now,In the hearts of these people,Suddenly thought of many plans。 “If so,It’s a good thing。” “There is actually no need to continue to consume other things。” “Anyway, it’s completely under our
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26 Sep

That’s why7An unprecedented move of billions of dollars in publicity expenses and checkout the next day!

“You understand now?”Qian Wang Sik Road,“Zheng Rongrong smashed7Billion!Check out the full amount the next day!Under the same circumstances,How could Zhu Mei join other companies??If she is that kind of person,She can withstand the pressure and shoot《love letter》Come??” “Do not,No way!”Gan Liangchen’s eyes sharpened,“I underestimated Zheng Rongrong!but《Gift in Room 7》Did not start shooting in a day,We
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20 Sep

The person called Lin Lao,Heard what Lin Yu said。

Very excited replied:“Young master,Great joy!After more than three years of fighting with the enemy,finally,Our Lin family won。” “what? Won?” As soon as I heard this,Lin Yu almost couldn’t help jumping up。 Three years,Three full years。 The family encountered the worst enemy ever,And this enemy,It is possible to destroy the family at any time。 That’s why,Father
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12 Sep
29 Aug
12 Aug

“Oh,The 62nd level soul emperor dare to be so unreasonable with me!”Lin Yan snorted coldly,The breath of the body is instantly released,Although the spirit ring is missing, the aura in Lin Yan’s body is extremely strong。

“This is Title Douluo!”Director Odd tremblingly said,He felt the oppression of Title Douluo on Lin Yan。 Chief Ord immediately withdrew his martial spirit respectfully:“Senior forgive me for being rude,I don’t know what it is for seniors to come here!” “I am not a titled Douluo,Me too,But i am better than you,I am the 67th-level assault
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