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26 Sep

That’s why7An unprecedented move of billions of dollars in publicity expenses and checkout the next day!

“You understand now?”Qian Wang Sik Road,“Zheng Rongrong smashed7Billion!Check out the full amount the next day!Under the same circumstances,How could Zhu Mei join other companies??If she is that kind of person,She can withstand the pressure and shoot《love letter》Come??” “Do not,No way!”Gan Liangchen’s eyes sharpened,“I underestimated Zheng Rongrong!but《Gift in Room 7》Did not start shooting in a day,We
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20 Sep

The person called Lin Lao,Heard what Lin Yu said。

Very excited replied:“Young master,Great joy!After more than three years of fighting with the enemy,finally,Our Lin family won。” “what? Won?” As soon as I heard this,Lin Yu almost couldn’t help jumping up。 Three years,Three full years。 The family encountered the worst enemy ever,And this enemy,It is possible to destroy the family at any time。 That’s why,Father
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12 Sep
29 Aug
12 Aug

“Oh,The 62nd level soul emperor dare to be so unreasonable with me!”Lin Yan snorted coldly,The breath of the body is instantly released,Although the spirit ring is missing, the aura in Lin Yan’s body is extremely strong。

“This is Title Douluo!”Director Odd tremblingly said,He felt the oppression of Title Douluo on Lin Yan。 Chief Ord immediately withdrew his martial spirit respectfully:“Senior forgive me for being rude,I don’t know what it is for seniors to come here!” “I am not a titled Douluo,Me too,But i am better than you,I am the 67th-level assault
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2 Jul

“Do you know why I came in person?”

Walk slowly for a while,Qin Liang asked suddenly。 “Because you want to punish the traitor yourself??” Shen Ruoxue asked weakly,Liu Xiaoyun shook her head secretly after listening。 “Xiaoyun,What do you say?” Qin Liang turned his face and asked Liu Xiaoyun。 “You are not coming,Du Shanshan may be dead,You came in person,She might not die……” Liu
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27 Jun

Peng Changyi admires this old man,This is an old man with distinct loves and hats,The blood of the old revolution still flows in the bones,Although there are times when I don’t make sense,But a very principled old cadre。

Mason opened the notebook,Said:“Did your article arouse our interest,Maybe the editor told you,Our county is going to build a revolutionary history museum,Currently collecting historical stories of the revolution that took place on the land of Sanyuan,We all know about the Sanyuan Huangtuling blockade,But don’t know the details,and so,We want to know the situation through you,In
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18 Jun

Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Indeed,Because I have elective courses at night。Exception today,Everyone went out for inspection,Will be back in two days,I was because I participated in the people’s congress in the city,So I didn’t go out with everyone。After returning to the party school,Pay close attention to the homework during the day,There is no class in the evening,There is time。”

“Oh,That’s it。”Jiang Fan said:“Changyi,There was nothing wrong with Jin’an’s National People’s Congress, right??” ———— First256chapter Love barrier Peng Changyi knew he was referring to the election,Just said:“very smooth,Guan Hao was almost fully elected。” “Oh,That’s not bad。Where is Kangzhou?”Jiang Fan asked again。 “We’re fine there,No election task,Save a lot of work。”Peng Changyi asked:“mayor,Did you finish it too??”
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31 May

“old……River?”Shu Qing whispered。

Ding Yi smiled,Said:“wrong,By name。” “By name?That is……Haha。”Shu Qing smiled,She didn’t call out“Jiang Fan”name,I’m afraid the driver in front will hear。She feels that Ding Yi is much cuter than that day,Also naughty a lot,She suddenly thought of something,Said:“correct,What happened to the evildoer section chief you said that day??” Ding Yi didn’t expect Shu Qing to ask
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25 May

She only cares for herself to explain here,I didn’t expect the audience to walk down the slope,Hand in hand,Go to the gates inside。She wants to catch up quickly,Persevering the foot injury is not good yet,Slipped and rolled down。

Heard shouting,Guan Hao comes back quickly,Lift her up:“I said,Why do you always work a day,Two days’ wages?” She’s afraid of hitting the dirt on her body、Dead leaves,Naughty:“Yes,boss,I’m wrong。” See her“Qiaoxiaoqianxi”Beautiful eyes and rare playfulness,His heart can’t help but move,Suddenly a feeling of refreshment appeared,He quickly turned and walked forward,No longer care about her,He was afraid
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