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1 Oct

It’s an international joke!

“Did not hear clearly?I will be at the top of the three-point arc,This location,Eyes closed,Right hand,Hit three!”Kobe’s tone is soft,It’s as easy as drinking water to eat。 “impossible,I do not believe!”Damon Stoudemire frowned,Do you really think you are a god?Even god,I also want to guard your ball! Ha ha,Kobe must want to use psychological warfare,Let
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14 Sep

But when the Purple-Clothed Soul Master turned his head, a cold eye was scared as if he had entered an ice cellar,The three of them swallowed everything they wanted to say in an instant!

Subsequently,The Purple-Clothed Soul Master led the seven Shrek towards the seahorse sacred pillar. . Bo Saixi looked at Xu Sheng’s vision,I hold the staff tighter,My heart is full of doubts“What’s happening here?Could it be said that the gods of the upper realm were helping Xu Sheng to obtain the Seagod Trident” Xu Sheng felt it
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4 Sep

In another book,The name of the animal that appears,Not fictitious,But there are such creatures。</p>

Wilderness also involves some first aid knowledge,Can be used in reality。。</p> First413chapter Love offering Su Luo returned to the room,Find paper and pen,Start to write about“Love offering”Lyrics of this song。</p> Inaccurate adjustment is not important,Get out the lyrics first,Anyway, this world doesn’t have this song。</p> He sings the standard,No one can refute。</p> It took less
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30 Aug

“and so,Please get along with Wuyin Village。”

After Chojuro’s speech,,Everyone left the water shadow office one by one,Kagura was stopped at the end by Chojuro。 “What’s the order,Lord Water Shadow。” Water Shadow Office,Only Kagura and Chojuro are left。 “Are you still unwilling to be tested?” “The reason why I said that just now,It’s because I hope you and Konoha’s children will build
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10 Aug
24 Jun

Meizi complained shyly。

“If you praise your good figure and bully you,Then I wish anyone would bully me like this!Ugh,Unfortunately,No one has bullied me like this。” Liu Xiaoyun deliberately blamed himself,Then I looked at Shen Ruoxue。 “What do you look at me?Are you trying to blame me for never bullying you like this??” Shen Ruoxue asked with a
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16 Jun

“As long as you know。”

Sang Qingrou snorted coldly,Too lazy to talk to him。 What a cold and arrogant hero,No matter how handsome you are,Such a temper,She doesn’t like it at all。 The remaining distance,Neither of them spoke。When the carriage stopped,After Qi Yue informed that he had arrived at the prime minister’s house,Sang Qingrou couldn’t wait to jump off the
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3 Jun

Shen Ruoxue said again for sure。

“That line,Then I will try to praise you as much as possible,Praise you at least once a day,what do you think?” Qin Liang had to coax the child…… “Once a day is enough,At least three times!” Shen Ruoxue exaggerated,I also deliberately stretched out my three fingers,Shook in front of Qin Liang’s eyes。 “Koyuki,You are really
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27 May

Shen Ruoximing knew that Song Min couldn’t be afraid,But still have to,At this point,She and her sister are of the same virtue。

“Send you two words:Ha ha。” Song Min started to despise Shen Ruoxi again,But it doesn’t matter,They just liked to despise each other.,The more you despise feelings, the better。 “It’s useless to send four characters,I’ll marry you when I get home。” Shen Ruoxi’s nonchalant answer。 “Row!Marry me if you have the ability,I am waiting。” Song Min
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15 May

His heart aches,Reluctantly exit the car,Drove slowly away from the parking lot,After the guard saw him,Opened the retractable door ahead of time。When he passed the gate,And waved at him,Count as compliments。

slowly、Drive aimlessly in the streets of Langzhu City,He was at a loss。 He doesn’t know how he got back to the hotel near her house,I don’t know how to leave Lang Zhu,Only know that he returned to Beijing after midnight,Back to Beijing Office,From noon to night,He did not eat,Lethargic in bed,the next day,When getting on
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