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14 Jan

Become an oxygen beauty in the early spring skin care_1

Become an “oxygen beauty” in early spring Since the introduction of “oxygen beauty”, “oxygen” has become a promising skin care ingredient like plant extracts and water, and various forms of “oxygen skin” have been introduced, such as internal absorption and external use. But what are the pros and cons of oxygen for your skin? It’s
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2 Jan

Soy milk drink early, stomach trouble

Soy milk drink early, stomach trouble Soymilk is a chronic traditional delicious “drink”. Its role in calcium supplement is more comparable to milk. But for babies, it’s not good to drink soy milk early, otherwise their stomach will be troublesome.   Infants and young children under the age of one and a half years, it is
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24 Dec
17 Dec
12 Dec

Don’t blindly pursue old and thin!

锘? Don’t blindly pursue old and thin! Nowadays, due to the improvement of people’s living standards and the changes in dietary structure, more and more obese people. Scientists have shown that people who weigh more than 10% of normal people (overweight) and those who are normal weight have a six-fold higher risk of developing high
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29 Nov

Lip massage reduces lip wrinkles

锘? Lip massage reduces lip wrinkles In other parts of the skin, the skin of the lips is more slender and thin, and the thickness of the skin is only accumulated in other parts, and there is no sebaceous gland and melanin which protects the skin, so it is easily damaged. Especially in winter, the
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