Month: February 2020

16 Feb
15 Feb

Couple sex life is also an exercise

Couple sex life is also an exercise Michael, Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania Medical School? “Sex is a kind of physical exercise. In terms of a single one-time life, it seems insignificant to enhance one’s physique, but remember the revelation on the Egyptian pyramids: each stone is ordinary, but together they create a miracle on
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14 Feb
13 Feb

Don’t Make Seven Mistakes on a Treadmill

_2 Don’t Make Seven Mistakes on a Treadmill Mistake 1: As soon as you get on the treadmill, you should do warm-up activities before sprinting on the treadmill. Pressing the legs, squatting, stretching muscles, flexing and stretching the joints can increase the temperature of the muscles, making the muscles softer and less likely to strain.
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12 Feb

Seasoned side dish with garlic and soy chicken

Seasoned side dish with garlic and soy chicken Garlic is Beijing spring onion, which is a kind of food loved by many people in China. After Zhang Jian brought the garlic back to the Han Dynasty, after years of research and evolution, its uses and cooking methods are countless, and it is generally used as
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11 Feb

Chinese medicine non-mainstream French war rosacea

Chinese medicine “non-mainstream” French war rosacea Beijing Deshengmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Beijing Dongcheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital brought together more than a dozen medical young and middle-aged experts and medical experts to jointly solve the problem. From the perspective of western medicine, the underlying cause of rosacea is that patients are allergic to
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10 Feb

Seven seductive curves in the bedroom

Seven seductive curves in the bedroom Box jumping, drill pipe, jumping goat, these are the exercises we did in school. Now, this continuous exercise that matches cardiopulmonary function and strength coordination exercises can be practiced at home and in the bedroom, which makes boring fitness more fashionable, and also allows you who love fitness to
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9 Feb

Eat ambiguous little vinegar

Eat ambiguous little vinegar Sun Yan (female) 24-year-old beauty editor If someone never knows what it means to be jealous, it is because he never really cares about anyone. Once you care about a person, and you are afraid of losing, you will inevitably be jealous.   The feeling of being jealous is strange and indescribable.
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8 Feb
7 Feb

Four amazing life health misunderstandings

Four amazing life health misunderstandings Myth # 1: I can lose weight if I stick to low-fat foods. Fact: Americans used to eat low-fat foods, but many of them are still getting fatter. This fracture shows that the above view is wrong.   A nationwide survey by the United States found that over the past 14
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