Month: May 2021

31 May

“old……River?”Shu Qing whispered。

Ding Yi smiled,Said:“wrong,By name。” “By name?That is……Haha。”Shu Qing smiled,She didn’t call out“Jiang Fan”name,I’m afraid the driver in front will hear。She feels that Ding Yi is much cuter than that day,Also naughty a lot,She suddenly thought of something,Said:“correct,What happened to the evildoer section chief you said that day??” Ding Yi didn’t expect Shu Qing to ask
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30 May

“Then I have never had a baby,Why don’t i know?Don’t say you think with your toes,Just think with your fingers,I don’t know!”

Liu Xiaoyun is equally confident!The two girls are about to tear up immediately!“You two stinky girls,Shut up immediately!Don’t you know you can’t fight in front of pregnant women??You are going to make trouble outside,Can’t affect the mood of pregnant women,Know or not?” Ps:Book friends,I am Thor Giant,Recommend a freeApp,Support download、Listen to books、Zero advertising、Multiple reading modes。Please
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29 May

Liu Xiaoyun wondered。

“All right,Let’s stop stressing Xiaoyun,Let’s say endless words like this,Xiaoyun must be under pressure。” Yang Shiyun did not directly answer Liu Xiaoyun’s question,But changed the topic。 “correct,Let’s bring Ruoxi and Murongshan with you,There is no danger in this task,Just so they can exercise,First, let them get used to carrying weapons,The second is to let them
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28 May

Yanzi just wanted to attack Qin Liang,I remembered that I confessed myself to be his woman,So I had to swallow the words back,As the most famous killer,She is really embarrassed to play,Because anyway,I really said that sentence myself。

“You are not what you are?What do you want to say?” Qin Liang asked with a smirk,Then he moved his body to Yanzi’s side。 “Stay away from me,Don’t come near me anymore!” Swallow curled up immediately,Then he warned Qin Liang with a sullen face。 “Why are you so fierce??I turned my face and didn’t recognize
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27 May

Shen Ruoximing knew that Song Min couldn’t be afraid,But still have to,At this point,She and her sister are of the same virtue。

“Send you two words:Ha ha。” Song Min started to despise Shen Ruoxi again,But it doesn’t matter,They just liked to despise each other.,The more you despise feelings, the better。 “It’s useless to send four characters,I’ll marry you when I get home。” Shen Ruoxi’s nonchalant answer。 “Row!Marry me if you have the ability,I am waiting。” Song Min
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26 May

“Did the morning interview go well??”Jiang Fan asked caringly。

“The county is going well,The leaders of the city have not interviewed yet。At two o’clock in the afternoon, we arrived at the office of Secretary Yin of the Municipal Party Committee Building on time。”Ding Yi said。 “Secretary-General Qin arranged?”Jiang Fan asked。 “Yes。”Ding Yi said。 “Okay,I wish you success in the interview。” “Ha ha,no problem。” “Very
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25 May

She only cares for herself to explain here,I didn’t expect the audience to walk down the slope,Hand in hand,Go to the gates inside。She wants to catch up quickly,Persevering the foot injury is not good yet,Slipped and rolled down。

Heard shouting,Guan Hao comes back quickly,Lift her up:“I said,Why do you always work a day,Two days’ wages?” She’s afraid of hitting the dirt on her body、Dead leaves,Naughty:“Yes,boss,I’m wrong。” See her“Qiaoxiaoqianxi”Beautiful eyes and rare playfulness,His heart can’t help but move,Suddenly a feeling of refreshment appeared,He quickly turned and walked forward,No longer care about her,He was afraid
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24 May

Luo Ting knew her words had already produced a lethal effect,She can see,Her face is pale,Such an immature little woman,Heart is higher than the sky,Life is thinner than paper,I thought I was climbing a high branch next to a high official,Can fly,Dreaming that Cinderella’s dream will come true in me。A good husband froze,Since then attached to Guan Hao,Be a poor parasite。

This situation is getting worse。In order to shorten the process of struggle,Many young girls in the group did this。But as the years and youth fade,Most of these people live unhappy。 Luo Ting saw that she didn’t speak,Keep saying:“Don’t blame me for speaking straight,Sometimes simple truths are often not recognized,This is mainly because people often don’t
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23 May

Heard this,Peng Changyi’s blood boiled immediately,He gasped and said:“baby,I miss you too……”

Shu Qing’s heart jumped violently,For so long,This is his most explicit sentence,She felt her face fever,Said shyly:“Ok,Hung up……” Peng Changyi is reluctant to just hang up like this,He still has some ideas,Hold the phone blankly,do not know what to do。 Don’t know,Shu Qing is also waiting for him,See him not hang up,Just said again:“Hang up?”
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22 May

Shen Ruoxi said with lingering fears。“Because i cleaned it up,Is the enemy,To the enemy,I’m never soft-hearted,You and Shanshan will do this too,Because you are kind to the enemy,The enemy will turn around and kill you!Look at Zhao Tuo,To save the mandarin ducks,Can’t fight back,But those rascals

Are you kind to him??no?If he hadn’t fired in time,I’m afraid he was beaten to death long ago!” Qin Liang said with emotion and excitement。 “I understand what you said,But i’m afraid i can’t do it……” Shen Ruoxi said tangledly。 “How could it not be possible?Didn’t Xiaoxue do it??She is not kind?Or she is not
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