Month: May 2021

11 May

“All right,Stop messing with you,I’ll put you back on the bed,Although you are not fat at all,But if I keep holding you and stand,Long time is also exhausting,Haha……”

Qin Liang finished these few words with an awkward smile,He gently put Murong Shan back on the bed。 “Ha ha……I thought you didn’t know what tiredness was。” Murong Shan took advantage of the trend and teased,It’s covered up the awkward atmosphere just now。Those last words Qin Liang said just now,She couldn’t answer at all,Don’t know
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10 May

Murong Shan said seriously。

“Why do you say that?” Shen Ruoxi asked curiously。“You think;Someone with you,What you say that makes him dislike,He can tell you directly!And people who are close to you,Even if you say something that makes him dislike,Because of your relationship,He can’t tell you clearly,Express his dissatisfaction,So just I can only bury the unhappiness in my heart,Once
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9 May
8 May

“OK OK,Girls can’t be so fierce,Learn to be gentle,Soft energy,I don’t need a teacher to teach you such a simple truth?”

Wang Yan smiled and said to Yang Shiyun。 Liu Yong’s surgery is over,people“Good”Was sent to the intensive care unit,This made Wang Yan feel completely relieved,So she is in a relaxed mood now!Although she has no idea what kind of sequelae these three shots will bring to Liu Yong,But as long as people are,Everything is easy
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