Month: June 2021

30 Jun

Yue Feng changed more than ten girlfriends in one semester。Several of them,Also have a deeper relationship.

so,He is just a common man. but,to date,Every time I look at Baby Ou,There will still be an amazing feeling of first sight。 Although Ou Baobao is fucking,But really,Really,Really is,So beautiful. Seeing Yue Feng after spitting out Ou Baobao,I can’t help myself,Li Shunyuan stabbed him with a pen in secret。 Yue Feng trembled,Quickly return to
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29 Jun

“Excluding accounting,Who else knows?”

“no one knows,Didn’t you say not to tell anyone?” Peng Changyi nodded,Glanced at the bag in her hand,Said:“Is there money in this?” “Yes,This is the operating income of hotels and hotels these days。” “how many?” “More than 300,000。” Peng Changyi said:“You take this part of the money first,Let the accountant work out the salary。remember,starting today,Whether
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28 Jun

Put this thing in the small garage temporarily,Fang Yourong will arrange their whereabouts,Sheng Ze is about to go out, “correct,If you are okay recently, please call my mom.,She wants to have a meal with you。”

what?! Sheng Zegang, who patted the fine gray on his palm, looked at Fang Yourong who was startled.,“What is your reaction?” Fang Yourong, who was frightened by this, looked at Sheng Zegang carefully,“What is your mother looking for?” “do not know。”Sheng Ze is about to leave,His hurried behavior shows that he is really in a
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27 Jun

Peng Changyi admires this old man,This is an old man with distinct loves and hats,The blood of the old revolution still flows in the bones,Although there are times when I don’t make sense,But a very principled old cadre。

Mason opened the notebook,Said:“Did your article arouse our interest,Maybe the editor told you,Our county is going to build a revolutionary history museum,Currently collecting historical stories of the revolution that took place on the land of Sanyuan,We all know about the Sanyuan Huangtuling blockade,But don’t know the details,and so,We want to know the situation through you,In
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26 Jun

Ding Yi said:“I have seen his tea set,Very average,This set can let him grow up slowly,Since you talked about tea,Send him a bag by the way。”

Jiang Fan said deliberately:“Ugh,Prodigal Wife——” Ding Yi listened happily“Haha”laughing out loud。 After putting out everything,What did Ding Yi suddenly think of,Dong dong ran upstairs,Took down a folding fan,Said:“Almost forgot this。” Jiang Fan said:“Folding fan?” “Yes,Is a gift from me。” A few days ago,Ding Naixiang ordered part of the fan,Ding Yi cooperated with dad,Co-creating these fans,As
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25 Jun

“Husband!Such a coincidence!Met you again!”

The girl saw Qin Liang,Yelled immediately。 Qin Liangyikan,It turned out to be Zhao Lu! He can’t care about Xiao Huahan,Immediately stepped forward and pushed Zhao Lu back into the elevator,She put her hand over her mouth with a nervous face and said;“Don’t bark!” Xiao Huahan followed behind and walked into the elevator,Reached out and pressed
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24 Jun

Meizi complained shyly。

“If you praise your good figure and bully you,Then I wish anyone would bully me like this!Ugh,Unfortunately,No one has bullied me like this。” Liu Xiaoyun deliberately blamed himself,Then I looked at Shen Ruoxue。 “What do you look at me?Are you trying to blame me for never bullying you like this??” Shen Ruoxue asked with a
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23 Jun

“Yep,I will,Actually, I won’t do anything there,I followed several bodyguards wherever I went,Someone arranged by Qin Liang and his brother-in-law,And Shiyun and the public security bureau’s plain clothes,So my safety is absolutely guaranteed,Just,Can’t see you often,A little lonely。”

Song Min smiled and said。 “Actually, you can often come to our house to visit us,No one asks you what time you have to go to work,What time do you get off work,You are also one of the bosses。” Shen Ruoxi said for granted。 “No way,She can’t do that。” Shen Ruoxi just finished speaking,Yang Shiyun
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22 Jun
21 Jun