Month: July 2021

6 Jul

Eyes closed,I saw a few words carved on a stone in a pool,Xia Chenglong smiled,Really smart guy,I can think of this way。

Subsequently,A figure quickly passed by the treetops,Take nothing。 What Xia Chenglong didn’t know was,His time is different from outside time,Although I feel that I stayed very short,But under normal circumstances three or four days have passed。 Mengdie and Zhao Shaojiu waited for three days,There is still no shadow of Xia Chenglong,They can’t wait forever,So decided
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5 Jul

“Sister-in-law,It looks like you are not in a good mood today?”

Liu Rushi enters the store,Liu Xiaoyun greeted her warmly。 “Don’t call me that?I’m not your sister-in-law。” Liu Rushi answered her coldly。 “it does not matter,Although not now,Sooner or later,rest assured,You can’t run away,You must enter this bridal chamber。” Liu Xiaoyun is still full of spring breeze,Innocent and cute。 I heard Liu Xiaoyun say that,Liu Rushi
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4 Jul
3 Jul

Qin Liang answered without even thinking about it,But once the words are finished,He immediately felt wrong,He turned his face,Began to look at Liu Rushi’s face seriously。

“No……I just asked。” Liu Rushi tried to hide her panic,Hard to squeeze out one“normal”Show Qin Liang’s smiling face。 “Poem,Don’t you feel uncomfortable?” After all, Qin Liang is the best special forces fighter,So many years of professional training is not just fun,He has seen it;Although Liu Rushi didn’t show anything unusual,But her eyes are erratic,In other
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2 Jul

“Do you know why I came in person?”

Walk slowly for a while,Qin Liang asked suddenly。 “Because you want to punish the traitor yourself??” Shen Ruoxue asked weakly,Liu Xiaoyun shook her head secretly after listening。 “Xiaoyun,What do you say?” Qin Liang turned his face and asked Liu Xiaoyun。 “You are not coming,Du Shanshan may be dead,You came in person,She might not die……” Liu
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1 Jul

Murong Shan is speechless!What Qin Liang said,Shen Ruoxi just told her a few minutes ago!You really deserve to be a couple,Even the words are exactly the same,This tacit agreement is true.。

“say something,Why don’t you talk?Are you speechless??” Seeing that Murongshan hasn’t moved,Qin Liang got up again,Can’t be scolded by her for nothing,I have to get some face back。 “Too lazy to care about you,Anyway, I have finished talking to you,remember;Don’t joke with Ruoxi about having a daughter in the future,If you really care about her,If
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