Month: August 2021

31 Aug


A picture of himself and Gu Qiao lying in the snow, facing each other, appeared in Lu Ban’s mind。 Ok,The effect is ok。 Liu Xin didn’t keep asking,But turned back to the kitchen:“Dishes will be ready soon,You can start dinner later。” The moment the kitchen door opens,There is a tangy fragrance。 Ban Lu touched his
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30 Aug

“and so,Please get along with Wuyin Village。”

After Chojuro’s speech,,Everyone left the water shadow office one by one,Kagura was stopped at the end by Chojuro。 “What’s the order,Lord Water Shadow。” Water Shadow Office,Only Kagura and Chojuro are left。 “Are you still unwilling to be tested?” “The reason why I said that just now,It’s because I hope you and Konoha’s children will build
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29 Aug
28 Aug
27 Aug

“Quite wary kid?,It’s a pity you were born in the wrong time,If I can grow up smoothly in my time,You will become a great ninja。”Not only didn’t feel annoyed by Mouseu’s questioning,On the contrary, he is praising the mouse,“Some interesting things have appeared on the border of Fire Country,I went to investigate,Your mission should be the same as mine, right,But why I heard that Konoha Village has sent a group of ninjas to investigate,Could it be that.Did something happen to those ninjas in Konoha??”

Investigation Intelligence,Reasoning Intelligence,Is something most ninjas should master。 No answer from Mouse,But to ask:“The investigation of this kind of thing should be done by the ninjas in Wuyin Village, right??” “Hum,sometimes,It’s better not to be so curiosity,Young Konoha Ninja。” The moment the green voice fell,Three gouyu jade writing wheels appeared in the eyes of the
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26 Aug

“Surprise,For you!”

Almost at the same time,Wang Yufei put down the phone,Then he looked up at the dumbfounded He Dushang and Chenfeng。 “Surprise for you!”. Non-mainstream Chinese Network()I hope you like the latest chapters of Buddhist science and technology shared by book fans for the first time,If there is an error in the content and font, please
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25 Aug

“Mr. Mo,I,I don’t know Taishan,Please don’t be like me,I’m wrong,I got it wrong,I sincerely come to pray for your forgiveness,As long as you forgive me,Let me do anything!”

Qiu Zaizhong’s voice choked,I keep kowtow when I speak,I want to get forgiveness from Mo Xiaosheng,After all, the lives of him and his family are tied to Mo Xiaosheng.。 “OK,President Qiu,Don’t knock,I forgive you,You go!” Mo Xiaosheng saw so many patients watching,Some eagerly want to send him away,Say again,There is nothing unforgivable,Anyway, I already taught
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24 Aug

“I grew up so,This is the first time I met such a handsome teacher,No matter what he teaches,His class,I will come every section from now on。”

A group of girls are excited,Because they are either old scholars or greasy uncles.,Rigid teaching method,Make the already boring Chinese medicine even more lifeless,Naturally they can’t learn。 Now the appearance of Mo Xiaosheng,It’s like a green grass suddenly grows on the dim ground,Uplift them。 “No hair on mouth,Insecure,It’s right to put it on Chinese medicine。”
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23 Aug

For example, now summer and autumn have passed,But there are a lot of summer and autumn clothes、Supplies etc.,Are they all piled up in the manufacturer’s warehouse??

Anyway, they are all ready to be recycled at the bottom of the silo,I bought it at a very low price,Add a little more money to sell to consumers,They see half or more than the normal price,Won’t you be heartbroken? In that frenetic buying environment,They don’t want to be hot-headed! 32The store corresponds to more
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22 Aug

So don’t count them two,5000Wan wiped out all the expenses。

Such a price,It must be given by the princess。 《Love through time and space》The first broadcast rights of Zhejiang Yue Satellite TV,But it is3000Nothing more,I don’t even get half of the cost。 The princess gave5000Ten thousand,Then in another aspect,Shows the difference between the two TV series。 Don’t care about the TV show,From the price level,Can
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