Month: September 2021

30 Sep

The next morning

Lin Yun prepares the materials,Ready to go to the Lin Group to negotiate with the board of directors,She was unwilling to let Lin Zhihao succeed,Actually,She has no other choice。 Besides, although Lin Zhihao and Lin Zhicheng are in power,,But after all, it’s not just the two of them who have the final say,She is going
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29 Sep

Correct,Please useless。

It’s useful to ask Lin。 “Lin Zong,forgive me。” “I know wrong,This time,I really knew it was wrong。” “You just forgive me。” After the reaction,Turn around,Hug Lin Yu’s thigh,Beg for mercy。 “Security guard,Send this person to me。” “Broad daylight,Crying in the company,Affect everyone to work。” “Yes!” These security guards heard,Respectfully answer。 Simultaneously,Excited inside。 because,I just didn’t
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28 Sep

I smiled:“As long as sister speaks,I will try my best。”

“it is good!”They both said in unison,Wang Fangkun overjoyed,Unexpectedly, I agreed so readily,He was upset,How can you be so upright before that?Although I don’t know how strong I am,But my explosive power,Lightning speed can’t be fake,Can’t be a forward,When a defender, which forward dare to say that he can easily break through me。 Wang Fangkundao:“Three
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27 Sep

Su Mo is more direct。

He excitedly called Shen Huan,Xiang Shen Huan bought the right to sing this song at the next concert。 Originally, Shen Huan said no money,But Su Mo said this is the rule,If it’s a friend,It’s not clear about money,It hurts the friendship。 But he knows that Shen Huan is not a greedy person,and so10Ten thousand yuan
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26 Sep

That’s why7An unprecedented move of billions of dollars in publicity expenses and checkout the next day!

“You understand now?”Qian Wang Sik Road,“Zheng Rongrong smashed7Billion!Check out the full amount the next day!Under the same circumstances,How could Zhu Mei join other companies??If she is that kind of person,She can withstand the pressure and shoot《love letter》Come??” “Do not,No way!”Gan Liangchen’s eyes sharpened,“I underestimated Zheng Rongrong!but《Gift in Room 7》Did not start shooting in a day,We
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25 Sep
24 Sep

Chat first,Xu Xuan went to do his own training,It’s not easy to be a coach,especiallyNBAThe coach of this best basketball league,of course,The salary of teaching assistants is not low,Especially little wharton,Xu Xuan heard that Wharton’s salary was a little lower than Frank,Low and low。

This is when talents come to train。 Say it too,The Lakers’ head coach was actually Walton Jr.,Just got involved by Frank a third party。 Time goes by,Personal training、Team training、Team match、Preseason games…… Find the problem,Find a way to solve the problem,Change your mind if you can’t solve it,If it doesn’t work, just ignore it,Strengthen advantages、Avoid weakness。
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23 Sep
22 Sep

Drink all the medicine,Didn’t you leave for nothing?!

“Deputy Dong Lin,You are a bit too shameless。” Lin Yun said badly:“Mr. Peng,You scolded my husband when you came up,Forget it if you apologize,Now tell me that today is not here to talk about cooperation,I don’t think it’s necessary to eat this meal.。” Qin Shi looked at Lin Yun,This silly girl,And know how to protect
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21 Sep

“Can this senior listen to me?”

At this moment,Zhao Ming stood up,Slowly。 Suddenly,All eyes were attracted by Zhao Ming。 Chaotianxiang only noticed Zhao Ming,Seeing him facing his own strong soul emperor, he didn’t panic at all,Nodding secretly。Simultaneously,I also noticed the students from Zao Wou-ki,Seeing them all extremely young,But the talent is so scary,Can’t help being surprised。 The talents of these people,No
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