Month: September 2021

20 Sep

The person called Lin Lao,Heard what Lin Yu said。

Very excited replied:“Young master,Great joy!After more than three years of fighting with the enemy,finally,Our Lin family won。” “what? Won?” As soon as I heard this,Lin Yu almost couldn’t help jumping up。 Three years,Three full years。 The family encountered the worst enemy ever,And this enemy,It is possible to destroy the family at any time。 That’s why,Father
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19 Sep

“So what,Brother Leng,I thought about it,I think it’s best to look at the corpse……Easy to confirm……”

Lori Kuan endured the stomach discomfort,Brother Chong Leng said。 “Oh shit!” Brother Leng on the other end of the phone scolded.,Shen Sheng,“The body is there,You saw it when you came out!okay,Stop fucking nonsense,Come out quickly for Lao Tzu!” “what?corpse……You brought the corpse?!” Lowry’s heart trembled,His complexion couldn’t help being slightly pale,This is really beyond his
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18 Sep

After returning to the health center, Mo Xiaosheng found paper and pen,Drew a picture of gossip,Then find the five talisman papers in the urn,Just throw it on the gossip chart,Five talisman papers suddenly ignited,Finally formed five fire spots,Falling on the gossip chart。

“Upstream?Zhao Wuye?” Mo Xiaosheng was slightly startled,Then there was a sneer at the corner of his mouth。 At this time, in a huge private room of Shangliuhui Health Club,Xuan Qingzi’s eyes are covered with a silk scarf,Reach out and hold on,Hehe smiled:“come,Babies,Don’t run,Don’t run,Let me kiss!” Several young and beautiful women in cheongsam around are
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17 Sep

Timberwolves changed defense!

Garnett singles against Kobe! Kobe’s eyes light up,Blow Garnett,I think the coach won’t bear my grudges! ———— Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Nine What a miserable Garnett “Kobe,Why didn’t you pay attention to me just now!”Garnett looked puzzled。 “Do not talk to me,Do i know you well。” Garnett feels that his youth has been abandoned。
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16 Sep
15 Sep

“Too passionate,This game is almost ignited!”

“Sirius this classic background music,Seems to have become Michael’s exclusiveBGM,With this music played,He returned to the field。” “Crazy cheers of fans in the arena,So that the whole of Chicago can be heard。” “Too warm!This atmosphere,horrible!” “Michael,Let me try again!”Pippen is unwilling,He wants to continue to defend Kobe。 I can always say that I’m very obedient
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14 Sep

But when the Purple-Clothed Soul Master turned his head, a cold eye was scared as if he had entered an ice cellar,The three of them swallowed everything they wanted to say in an instant!

Subsequently,The Purple-Clothed Soul Master led the seven Shrek towards the seahorse sacred pillar. . Bo Saixi looked at Xu Sheng’s vision,I hold the staff tighter,My heart is full of doubts“What’s happening here?Could it be said that the gods of the upper realm were helping Xu Sheng to obtain the Seagod Trident” Xu Sheng felt it
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13 Sep

“at last,Finally enough for my family and my brothers to eat。”Iverson can’t help feeling full of emotions,When he grew up on the street, he grew up in drug dealing and gun battles as a child。Mother works alone to make ends meet,But Iverson’s home environment is still very poor,no power,No water,Nothing,The sewer pipe often breaks,The two sisters wear overshoes all day。

Brothers on the street help each other,Accompanying each other to help Iverson grow up。Street conflicts,The prison,Let him know that only his brother can be counted on。 It is in this environment,Created Iverson。 1Meter83’S height,The sky can’t limit his flight。Countless times he crossed the crowd to make up for it,Countless times he has raided solo,His sharp
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12 Sep
11 Sep

“And today I have this king to execute it,Blood Dragon Hearing Order!”At this moment, the blood dragon seemed to be a man lying tightly on the ground。

“Minions take orders!” “The blood dragon violated the heaven and god realm to go down privately,This king personally executed the law to kill the blood dragon today,If anyone dares to block him, he will kill him,The blood dragon clan will contribute a million spirit grass,Two fairy tools!With this dragon, all three generations were sent to
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