Month: November 2021

30 Nov

Even“Zodiac”Two of them,Fifth grade colorectal biology,History that is killed。

People who kill them,Be the peoplejgRank,ipFirst and second combination。 “Starter”Ability,Depending on the body“Original animal factor”What is it?。 Not every one“Curse”,Have become“Starter”Qualifications,Otherwise, live so badly curse,Not so much。 Some have a cultivation of value“Curse”Will be accommodated,Assigned to those become peoplejgof“promoters”。 Most“promoters”Convinced,They will not take these“Starter”As a partner,But as a consumable product。 So even if it is
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29 Nov

“He is fine.,We speed up point speed。”

The man in purple hair is also discovered that Li Hui’s state is not good.,Directly direct the other two people to launch a strike。 But Li Hui is waiting for this moment.。 Originally he didn’t want to use that,After all, the trick has violated him.。 The weak protective cover is also charged again.,And constantly
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28 Nov

Just the small tree is only the size of the palm,And where you are, there are more than two meters.。

One more thing,That small tree nine branches,Only nine leaves,And this small tree is branched。 In addition to these two points,Both almost exactly。 One plant is another zoom。 also,This tree is still sitting on a black man。 He is slightly closed,Like a statue,Under the nine-color brilliance,If you are dusty,And floating。 If you don’t use your eyes
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27 Nov

Niu Niu held a circle carefully.,I found that some fur was burnt.,Let’s completely let go。

The fire is burning from the yard.,Apandoffs,Niu Niu is the most worried about this dog.,I don’t know how it escapes. Niu Niu touched the dog’s head,Silence,Two drops of water in the palm。 Fang Cai seems to be very interested,Rapidao stretched out the tongue and licked a s dry。After completion,I still feel insufficient,Two girls from
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26 Nov


Happiness? Shen Xuan, a fog! NS167Chapter Painting Dragon “boom” Just when Shen Xuan is confused,The body of the caterpillar is suddenly changed.,Then a blast sound sounded,The surrounding horse has a foggy,Flood to in the cave。 what’s going on? Shen Xuan is stupid,A golden light、The thick body suddenly appeared in the cloud。 “God?” Shen Xuan’s eyes,unbelievable,Because,In
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25 Nov
24 Nov
23 Nov

Xia Jian still can’t figure it out,About his return to Beishan,Nobody knows,Is this Wang Wujin fortune-telling??He asked Fang Fang again:“Are you sure it’s the same car?“

“This car is special,The front bumper was crashed,And no listing“Fang Fang speaks more clearly,Xia Jian heard this,Can’t help but be surprised。 Could it be her?Xia Jian started to beat the drums in his heart,If so,What’s the trouble,This is how to do?Xia Jian looked worried。 Fang Fang saw Xia Jian like this,Can’t help asking:“Did you remember
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22 Nov

“I don’t want to go,I want to be with the young brother.。”

The Langyuan’s look is restored to the cold,Even some alert looks at Huaxia Women。 “Hey。” Huaxia woman is dissatisfied with summer。 “You just want us to be your bodyguard.。”Summer means a deep laugh,“I am right.。” “you……” Women’s face,Just just defend,But I saw that the summer sway stopped her.,“Ok,Everyone is the Chinese people,Since I met,Certainly you
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21 Nov

Lu Yiqi said,Watch the expression on Yue Lingxi,really,See Yue Lingxi blush,Low head smiles don’t talk。

Lu Wei also worried about this problem,He said that day,They have not made protective measures twice together.,He is afraid that she is pregnant,I want to get married early.,At that time, she deliberately ignored the meaning of this.,Nothing。 I will put it from Lu Yixi now.,She is in some expectations。 No protective measures today,And these two
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