The benefits of massage poles are mostly special points for treating body odor.

6 Jan

The benefits of massage poles are mostly special points for treating body odor.

The benefits of massage poles are mostly special points for treating body odor.

“The problem of body odor is one of the most troublesome problems in our lives. If we suffer from the problem of body odor, then it must be very embarrassing. This is very important for our physical health.Big, then what methods do we have to treat body odor? It is very effective to massage the Quanquan point. Let’s take a look at the situation of the pole.

The stinking odor, commonly known as body odor, is particularly boring because of its pungent smell. Most people who smell this odor hide the snot, which causes a great psychological burden and inferiority to the body odor patients, thus affecting work, study and communication.

If the odor is heavier, usually you can only choose to remove the sweat glands. For patients with mild symptoms and unwilling to undergo surgery, in addition to taking a bath, diligently sunbathing and changing clothes, you should always press the poles.

The lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels under the acupoint are rich, and the skin sweat glands are developed, so the stimulation of the hole can treat sputum and body odor.

We can use the sitting position, then we open the arm slightly to facilitate the pressing of the elbow socket.

The other hand’s thumb is in front, the other four fingers are behind, insert the axial socket, hold the pectoralis major muscle covering the front of the armpit, and press the rest of the four fingers to the sacral spring, the intensity is obvious to the degree of soreness.Press 揉 2?
3 minutes, alternating left and right, once in the morning and evening, sticking to it, it should be very good for our health, especially for the problem of body odor, it has a very strong mitigation effect.

The Quanquan Point is the first point of the hand Shaoyin Heart Sutra. According to this point, it can treat various cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary heart disease, myocarditis, angina pectoris, etc. Such diseases are a major problem that threatens our health now.Try to massage the hot springs to solve the problem.

Modern research has shown that regular massage of the Quanquan point can not only improve heart rate, but also improve upper limb function, which can improve the function of shoulder joint and knuckle joint function.

The polar springs are rich in blood vessels and nerves.

The blood coming out of the heart passes through the blood vessels there and travels to the arm.

The nerves are accompanied by blood vessels and walk from the cadre to the arm.

Therefore, the acupoint can treat complications of the upper limbs, pain in the upper limbs, numbness, sputum and the like.

The above introduces you to the situation of the pole springs. You can find that the Quanquan point is a very good acupuncture point. In our life, we can fully care through the massage of the Quanquan point. For the problem of body odor, there is a problem.It has a strong therapeutic effect, and it can also massage the hot springs to relieve high blood pressure.