Thank you

4 Jan

Thank you

Thank you

The enemy is a mirror of her life.

  She is aware of his strangeness from her husband’s attitude towards the mobile phone.

  On that day, she turned her head inadvertently and found that he was loading his mobile phone into his outer pocket. When she saw him, he looked a little flustered, then he calmed down and pretended to pat the coat, muttering in his mouth: I don’t know where it is.On the soil.

  A trace of doubt flashed.

In the past, he had gone out of the door and took off his coat. The mobile phone was handcuffed and placed on the case. Now, why should you put the phone back in your outerwear pocket?

It seems that some days I have not seen his mobile phone on the case.

  When he took a shower, she flipped through his cell phone.

SMS, call history, nothing found.

After nearly ten years of marriage, she never doubted what other thoughts he would have.

However, there was some uneasiness in the faint, disturbing her heart.

The next day, she went to the mobile company and called out her husband’s call record. Sure enough, a number appeared alternately on the record. She hit the number with a public phone, and a charming female voice passed over. She didn’t talk.Gently put down the phone.

The heart sank at once, and the things that could not be believed finally turned into reality. She stumbled and stayed on the street for a long time.

Husband is a careful person, he deleted the text message and call record with the woman, but she did not think she would go to the mobile company to check, the husband’s phone card was her to do, she set a password with her birthday.

  Going home, thinking about it, I still don’t want to crusade him first, and then touch the truth.

There is still hope in her heart, I hope that is not true.

  She is free to fall in love with him.

At that time, she was a secretary in the office and wrote a good article. He worked in a company and the two lived a common life.

Later, the company did not benefit well. She encouraged him to resign and go to the sea to do business. When her husband dug the first pot of gold, she became a full-time wife.

She has always been the mother of a child, gentle and virtuous, and she teaches her every day, and her days are quiet and cozy.

  However, when did he start to have an outside heart?

  She began to trace him quietly and finally found the woman.

The woman is not young, not even as beautiful as her, but she is slim and full of style, wearing a beautiful and beautiful dress, a long hair like a waterfall.

She looked down at herself, plain clothes, and a layer of dust on her shoes, like a ugly duckling.

She noticed the woman’s fingers, the long nails, the faint nail polish, and the more rounded and smooth fingers.

Some people say that the hand is the second face of a woman. With such a beautiful hand, the man definitely likes it.

  There is also the expression of the woman with her husband, the flow of eyes, like awkward, screaming and screaming, gentle and shy, it seems that men like the woman who will spoil.

  Her heart is faint, and I don’t know what to do.

Although her husband’s return home is still a look of nothing, and the child is as usual, but she feels his coldness.

She was not willing to marry for nearly a decade and was broken by a woman who was not young.

She is determined to defend her home and take her husband back from the woman.

  She went to the beauty salon and set up a beauty package that suits her.

Then went to the mall and bought a few sets of fashionable and fitting clothes. When trying on, I looked at myself in the mirror, as if I had changed someone.

When she appeared in front of her husband, her eyes flashed instantly.

She is still young and still beautiful. She proudly took up her husband and he did not refuse.

When she appeared in front of her husband’s friends, they all praised how she became so beautiful.

She saw her husband’s satisfied expression, and she knew that she had earned him a face in front of his friends.

  The home is still clean, Lilithoso.

However, when she was doing housework, she wore rubber gloves and began to feel that it was inconvenient to wear rubber gloves for housework, and it took a long time to adapt.The hand, which is delicate and smooth, is soft and soft, and when she touches him, it is no longer as rough as gauze.

  She picked up the pen again.

In the early years, she had been doing literary dreams for a while. When she was in the office, she occasionally wrote things, and her writing was not bad.

She has a lot of time to write, and when her first article was published in the newspaper, she put the sample on the coffee table.

He entered the door, she smiled and greeted him, tenderly asked him to sit on the sofa and give him tea.

He picked up the newspaper and saw her name in the newspaper. He asked with a surprise: “Is it really you?”

She laughed, nodded, and leaned over his shoulder.

He reached out and hugged her: “Wife, I can’t think of it!”

Gradually, her article is getting better and better, and she is already famous in the local area.

She still goes to the beauty salon and wears nice clothes.

Friends gathering, she is the pride of her husband, the woman, quietly faded out of her husband’s life.

She flipped through his cell phone, and the familiar number had already been discovered. She won the war quietly and opened up a new world for herself.

  When she is alone, she will sneak a smile.

Should be thanked for the enemy, the woman let her admit her own deficiencies, and strive to be an elegant and beautiful woman.