Because it is beautiful, we choose homosexuality.

12 Jan

Because it is beautiful, we choose homosexuality.

Because it is beautiful, we choose homosexuality.

Intimate conflicts between same-sex friends. Homosexuality.

In adolescents’ expansion of friends, there are many close same-sex friends. This is mainly in the pursuit of psychological mutual support.

The performance of the girls is: walking hand in hand and snuggling together; going to school, after school, and even going to the toilet together; whispering continuously after class and so on.

The boy’s performance is: rough joking; participating in sports together; playing and playing with each other . This kind of close friendship cannot be equated with homosexual behavior.

  Above are the causes and manifestations of homosexuality.

It is right to understand them, but it is not necessary to ask myself to develop in that direction, such as: “If there is such a girl who is suitable for me, I will also like her happily, just as I like the opposite sex.

“You are wrong in thinking this way. If you take a good look at the letter above, you will know that sexual orientation is largely natural, and part of it is learned.

We are not such people at all, why should we “learn”?

  Sun Yan and Wu Ruomei’s cool cat quickly wrote back and said-“Thank you very much, I understand what you said.

You guys can really guide me on the right path. Think about it. I am very touched to see your response.

I believe I can take a good future, and with your help, I believe in my future.

“Sister Ruomei and Sister Sun Yan: I’m 20 years old, and I’m not adolescent anymore, but I have too many worries, and this problem transfers me to an increasing age.

  Thanks to my parents, I was born to look good from a young age, and now I have grown up easier.

My problem lies in appearance-wherever I go, many people look at me.

It is no exaggeration to say that from the moment I went out in the morning, I had to live in the eyes of many people.

Some are appreciative, some are full of jealousy, some are provocative, and some are even bad intentions.

I can more and more distinguish the meanings in those eyes. I think the last kind of eyes always has the most. This has caused a lot of interference in my life, because light is noticed by those unsightly eyes. I can stillTolerate, I’m really depressed if they have bigger attempts at me.

  I admit that I also love the beauty and the mirror, I also like the praise of others, I will also go for a beautiful hairstyle, how do I want to match clothes before going out, etc., but I never put on makeup and noticed that I was stared atIt is better to look on the body than to be stared at.

I thought about wearing a mask when I went out, but remembered that when I was wearing a mask when I was at least SARS, I would still be watched. Someone borrowed a mask to talk to me, and I was so angry!

  The first time he was harassed by a heterosexual was 13 years old, and that was just the beginning; the most recent harassment was a week ago, on a bus.

I already have a set of ways to deal with this kind of people, and generally won’t let them succeed, so I will not be as overwhelmed as before.

I’m constantly thinking about countermeasures. Some people make a boyfriend, and he goes with him every time I go out. I even want to write a message for a boyfriend. The conditions are: more than 1.8 meters in height and strong.

Of course, this is just thinking about helplessly, I will not do it.

Speaking of which you may not believe, I have never had a boyfriend, let alone to make a boyfriend in order to avoid being harassed.

People like me who say “have never had a boyfriend” are immediately followed by “make or have never had a girlfriend”.

You know, there are many homosexuals now, and more than one girl shows love to me, and someone frankly tells me that she is bisexual, has a boyfriend but also likes girls like me.

Seriously, I feel like I hate men a little bit, because they bother me and look at me in different ways; girls don’t, and those girls are beautiful.

However, rest assured until I am still heterosexual.

  In addition to being harassed, I have other troubles-some girls on the street look at me, and then look at the boyfriend next to me, to see if the boyfriend is looking at me.

At first I felt wronged at this time, I really wanted to say to her loudly: I do n’t need to grab someone ‘s boyfriend, you do n’t have to guard against me!

Do you understand what I mean?

I don’t want women to resist me. I didn’t do anything wrong. Why not be friendly to me?

  I am passionate and cheerful. I am by no means a proud peacock. I like to integrate collectively and be very independent. It can be said that in addition to appearance, I have some advantages in character and ability, and I can do things well.

But now I’m scared. Will there be such a scene after I join the work-male colleagues harass me, female colleagues crowd me out?

  This parasite is really hard to talk to, I ca n’t talk to my parents, I ‘m afraid they ‘re worried; I ‘m afraid to tell my friends, I ‘m afraid they say I ‘m proud, so I ask you for help.

Please don’t feel that I’m bragging. The people who write to you are helpless until they are overwhelmed, and speak out what they can’t do in their hearts. That’s what I am.